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  1. 2013 1.6 Powershift Mpg??

    I'm no expert on this and we have to assume these meters are not accurate but that sounds like a vast difference between our cars. What is your average MPG figure shown as? I guess it must use that figure to calculate the miles to empty figure. Maybe you drive a lot faster than me or accelerate a lot more. My 30 miles to work are made up of about 6 miles of flattish country roads (30 to 60 MPH) + about 24 miles of duel carriageway and motorway with a very long big hill + about 1 mile of urban roads. I do 70 to 85 on the fast roads. I accelerate fairly quickly from junctions etc but I'm not a boy racer. I travel quite early in the morning so get no holdups then and about 5 to 10 mins of holdups on my way home. The figures you gave to the garage (mentioned elsewhere), are they your own calculated figures at fill up time or always based on the car's MPG figures? John.
  2. 2013 1.6 Powershift Mpg??

    I finally filled my car up yesterday (Titanium 1.6 PowerShift) having been away for a while and not used the car a great deal. When I filled it, it had done 1547 miles and showed miles to empty as 338. This is obviously not a very accurate figure because as I drove the 30 odd miles to work, it gradually increased to 342 miles to empty before gradually falling a bit. When I arrived home after driving about 60 miles it had fallen to showing about 325 miles to empty. When the car had done roughly 1000 miles it showed an average MPG figure of around 37. This has gradually increased as I've driven the car and is now around 39.5. It seems to increase by about 0.1 MPG in a round trip to work of 60 miles. I'll have a more accurate figure when I next fill up as I'll calculate the mileage from the petrol used but that is not likely to be for a few weeks for various reasons. John.
  3. 2013 1.6 Powershift Mpg??

    That's a very good question. I'll report back next time I fill up.
  4. 2013 1.6 Powershift Mpg??

    Sorry for late reply but I only just saw your message. I have a 2014 1.6 Powershift Titanium and using it's own MPG calculator I get around 38 or 39 MPG average. I'd like to measure the MPG myself but seem to have a mental block about remembering to make a note of the mileage when I fill up. Even if I do remember one time, I forget the next time. I don't use my car a great deal, mainly a 35 mile drive to work (and 35 back) two days a week. The journey is on some country roads plus a fast dual carriageway and an industrial estate. The dual carriageway contains a very long and steepish hill so I hit that in both directions. The car has now done about 1200 miles. The delivery was a long journey of about 450 miles and the MPG average showed about 47 so I can only think the delivery driver must have reset it. Since then it fairly quickly fell to around 35 MPG but with more careful driving or perhaps as more mileage is done, it has gradually increased by about 0.1 or 0.2 a day and is now at about 38.9. As I say this is all with the built in calculator. I would not say I drive especially carefully getting up to about 80 sometimes. On an early journey to work, I sometimes set the cruise control to about 70 to 72. It's a fun car to drive so I do like to pull away a bit quick sometimes. I'd say you definitely need to get yours checked. Let's hope it does not have a leak! Or perhaps the calculator really is fooling me into thinking it's better than it is. John.
  5. New 2013 Titanium X

    I took delivery of a Candy Blue Titanium yesterday and love the colour. It looks very striking, especially with the dark (ish) tinted windows.
  6. Delivery Delays

    I ordered a Fiesta Titanium Powershift at the end of January for delivery at end of March/beginning of April through a broker. Something happened to the dealer and the sale fell through first week in April. The car had to be re-ordered from Ford and finally arrived today. So a very long and frustrating wait but well worth it. Very pleased with the car. Candy blue looks striking and it drives soooo much better than my previous 14 year old car. John.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums atkinsonline :)

    1. atkinsonline


      Thank you for the welcome. Good to be here.

      My recent Fiesta is my first ever Ford and I'm loving it.

      Had 14 years with the same Honda Accord which was a great car and very reliable but was certainly showing its age.

      The Fiesta is a lot more fun and it looks wonderful.