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  1. Odd Steering Mk1.5 Focus

    By having fluid levels checked do you mean power steering fluid. If so, the levels appear fine. I have noticed that after having alignment done it goes out again a few weeks later, would 4 wheel tracking solve this. Also dont know if its relevant to the problem but would wheel balancing also cause the steering to feel different?
  2. Odd Steering Mk1.5 Focus

    Ok have managed to narrow it down. Apparently there is no play in the steering, bearings are fine - no rubbing noise when going around bends which would indicate bearing problems if there was any (wouldnt just make it in a straight line) I took it to Kwik Fit- Not the best place imho but the guy also owned a similar Focus so should know about them. They reckoned all steering components seemed fine, tyres, suspension ect, aswell as bearings. The person i spoke to said it may be down to the fact Ive only had a 2 wheel alignment in the past and may need a 4 wheel alignment done. So i have narrowed it down to it may be a steering rack problem, a problem with the pressure in the p steering pump - as virtually no steering feel on one side and eagerness for steering to push to the right. Or it may be down to the alignment. Which one of these sounds most plausible as im a little lost as to where to start.
  3. Odd Steering Mk1.5 Focus

    Have spun both front wheels, didnt seem to hear any rumble from the wheels. I did the whole push and pull at 12-6 and 3-9 thing on the wheels and didnt seem to be much play...im stumped.
  4. Odd Steering Mk1.5 Focus

    How would I go about detecting which wheel bearing is likely at fault? All garages seem to be unhelpful in helping to identify which one. If it helps the steering likes to veer on the right side a bit, to the point where its pretty annoying!
  5. Odd Steering Mk1.5 Focus

    Thanks for the replys, I was told that bearings are quite common to go on the Mk1. All steering components ive been told seem ok ie bearings ect. It does feel like there is a bit of play on the drivers side, slight floatiness over rough surfaces too - Like its driving on bald tyre. So am i right in thinking bad bearings affect steering. How much ideally are these to replace?
  6. Odd Steering Mk1.5 Focus

    Hi there I am new to this forum and am i need of some help/advise of a fustrating steering issue. Gradually the steeriing on my focus mk1 has become inaccurate and iconsistent. When turning right the steering feels vague and floaty, when turning left it feels sharp but heavy and needs constant steering corrections on the wheel to keep it where its going. I have tried changing the front tyres to cure this but had no luck, have renewd Power steering fluid but no much difference. I have had a garage check the steering and claimed there was some play in the ball joints only to have 2 other mechanics say that there is no sign of wear and all seems fine. Some days the steering is better than others but i have noticed that it has developed a strange rumbling/rubbing noise around 25mph + from the front wheels. Im not sure if this is related but sounds like how maybe a worn bearing would sound. The car has done 100k miles and is 1.6 Zetec. if anyone could advise me with what this could be so i have some sort of idea and can norrow things down, would be much appreciated.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Adsguk :)