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  1. Happy Birthday KLewis86!

  2. Hi guys Still no joy with them. Its the bit you put the pump nozzle into. Xx
  3. Thanks Daniel, I have lodged a complaint with Ford themselves and my finance company are dealing with it now.
  4. Hi All Sorry for not getting back to you sooner had to go away with work. I had an independent company come look at the vehicle this morning and just wondered if you can shed some light - he said it looks like there is a fuel leak out of the filler cap and that the pipes to the tank were covered in something thick and either dieselly or oily, which he said shouldn't be there. Would this be DPF?
  5. Thanks guys will do shall scan it and upload it tonight when I get home from work.
  6. The print offhe gave me came up with a code and says aome fails but he told me to ignore it.
  7. Hi guys ive got it back and there appears to be more wrong now than when it went in typical wnd as predicted Arthur they say they cant find anything xx
  8. The Law Student Rises

    Aww well done that's fantastic! The car reg date is 9th March 2011. Problems have been there since approx Feb -March time lack of power on pull off and acceleration, juddery, drinking diesel. this is now the second time its been in with it first time they changed the fuel filter as they reckon that was causing the issue and charged me £120 for it which made no difference in the symptoms whatsoever. They have now had it since Monday at 8am went to get it yesterday took the chap for a drive in it he must have spotted something as he then asked to have it another night. Ford have asked for a tank to tank sheet to be done, which i am querying as to why they have asked for it now and not back in Feb-March when the problems first arose. I have only owned the car a little over 7mths now. Blackhorse are aware of my problems but have said they will not do anything until a major fault is found. I was also advised by an independent garage that he has a lot of Ford DPF cars come in as all they do is sponge the DPF down until the warranty expires to make it look like it is fixed but isn't and then bill you for a few grand. Not at all sure what to do from here. I have to pick it up this arvo so will be asking for copies of all documentation relating to the car. Thanks for your help Dave and sorry to interrupt your holiday, feel awful now!
  9. Thanks James just sent him a message. Shall keep you updated with what Ford say when I collect the Phantom Menace this afternoon.
  10. The Law Student Rises

    Hi Dave I am just wondering if you could give a little advice....... I am having problems with Ford at the moment please see my forum post for the full details, but in short and after confirmation from an independent mechanic last night they are using stalling tack ticks until my warranty expires to repair my DPF/Turbo issues. This now starting to cause a great deal of emotional stress and my finance company are about as helpful as a chocolate teapot. I understand the Sale of Goods Act etc as I too am a law student but criminal so any commercial input is greatly appreciated. Many thanks Kerri
  11. Is he really maybe he could offer some advice I have to collect car this afternoon so should be interesting.
  12. Haha James me too! I was looking through my law books last night, wish I did commercial law instead of criminal now lol!
  13. Yay Sunshine :D

  14. Thanks guys I don't know what Id have done without your advice. I was supposed to get the car back yesterday but the tech wanted me to take him out in it so I did, he must have found something as he then asked to keep it for another night. No idea what they are up to. I have asked my dad to come collect it with me, but will definitely ask for the documents you have mentioned Arthur.
  15. Hi Arthur Blackhorse said they wont replace it till a major fault is found