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  1. Mk7 Fiesta Zetecs Tdci

    That's the only issue but still really want it doing ... that's the only thing holding me back and yeah I am gunna have a browse for a catback now see what its guna set me back etc.
  2. Mk7 Fiesta Zetecs Tdci

    My head is frazzled off how many different things I have read about them I am probably mixed up! I'd be pretty happy with 115-120hp ... think they would go pretty well then! I have also thought about an exhaust but I am in no way clue'd up about them lol
  3. Mk7 Fiesta Zetecs Tdci

    Think you need the DPF removing to see good results though don't ya, that's where the extra cost comes from mate.
  4. Mk7 Fiesta Zetecs Tdci

    I have a black 62 plate Fiesta ZetecS 1.6 Tdci and wondered what everyones thoughts are on me getting my wheels powder coated white. Been thinking about it for a while but I have never seen it done to a black one and not sure what it would look like so I wondered what everyone else thought and whether anyone had seen one done or even better has one that is done. Also was thinking about getting it remapped but as its a 2012 95ps model with the DPF I have read it can be expensive. Wondered if anyone has it done and would recommend it or not to bother?
  5. I had a mk6 1.4 zetec about a year ago and mine used to get around 48+ aswell, was getting around 480-500 mile to a tank
  6. How much do you average? Any ideas why mine is so low? I don't exactly have a lead foot, I give it the beans every now and again but not much although most of my driving is round the doors rather than on a long run
  7. 62Plate 1.6 Tdci Zetec S Tuning

    All helpful replys so thanks a lot ... definatly somethings to think about, haven't for the life of me got a clue what I will do in the end but I defo want to increase the power, when I got first got it 2 weeks ago it seemed faster than I expected as I only had a 08 1.4 tdci before hand, will maybe stick some pics up of it sometime soon but I am also thinking about some new wheels and as its black I was thinking about getting the 2 white stripes up put on thru the middle
  8. I have a few questions regarding making my Zetec s that bit faster. I was thinking of getting it remapped or chipped but was wondering you can do before hand too get as much as possible out of the remap if people advise me and agree its a good idea of corse. Was also wondering what is around about the most power you can squeeze out of the 1.6 tdci before you have to start spending big? Any help will be appreciated, thanks.
  9. I have a Mk7 1.6 Tdci ZetecS and I get just under 400 miles to a tank at around 47-48 mpg
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums ryanmorton :)