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  1. Hi, girlfriend bought an 08 KA approximately a month ago, passed MOT with no advisories and has been driving perfectly since purchase. Today just after stalling the car, there is a grinding noise similar to that heard when the clutch is not fully pressed when changing gear, but is happening during normal driving, but mostly heard in 1st and 2nd gear and a little bit in 3rd. The car still drives fine and the clutch pedal feels normal to use, although the gear stick looks quite wobbly and looks like it's going to slip out of gear whilst driving. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks Nick
  2. 2003 Fiesta Lx Clutch Problem

    Yeah mine feels exactly the same, cheers mate! So not worth getting it looked at then? Coming to Truro, my dad lives down there so visiting for a week.
  3. 2003 Fiesta Lx Clutch Problem

    Yeah sorry like I said, not very mechanically oriented! :P Yeah it is as though the last bit becomes redundant and it sort of grabs at the gear quickly, I feel like a bit of a push back on the accelerator pedal. Is it anything to worry about because I've got a journey from Manchester to Cornwall soon and don't fancy a breakdown on the A30 again!
  4. 2003 Fiesta Lx Clutch Problem

    Sorry, should've mentioned that the car is currently running fine and I am able to drive it fine, gears engage fine and there is no noisiness or vibrations when changing gear.
  5. Hi, had my 53 Fiesta LX for a year with no previous problems, but for the past couple of days the clutch hasn't felt right. I'm not very clued up when it comes to cars so please bare with me. It feels as the actual clutch cable is reaching its maximum point before the pedal reaches the top and as though something kind of hits my foot on my the accelerator when I lift the clutch. Thought it might be that the clutch cable had stretched? Was just hoping someone in the know could help me out please, what is it most likely to be and is it going to break the bank getting it repaired? Many thanks, Nick.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums nick9195 :)