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  1. Can anyone help please? I have the 2004 C Max zetec and want to know if I can swap out the radio for a system that has built in sat nav with radio and Bluetooth hands-free phone kit. Any ideas please? Thanks in advance
  2. Pet Peeves

    They should be made to: Take a cycle proficiency test (like some of us did in the old days!) Teach them to watch out for people getting out of cars and leave more space AND Make the fitting of wing mirrors compulsory Saw on the news this morning that the death rate for cyclists had gone up by 10%. I wonder why ? ? You have to do these things if you want to ride a motor bike and as some of these people today can go quicker on a normal bike than some 'phut phuts', it would sense (my opinion!)
  3. Hello Club!

    Well, suffice to say, if you take that I am getting a timing belt fitted on Monday (It has never been done) at a total of £192. I am fitting new glows plugs at a cost of £53, then add a years road tax and all that would be more !!
  4. Hello Club!

    Just a quick on to say hello to everyone in Ford Land! :) I Managed to 'bag' the sale of the century (even though there are niggles to sort) 2 days ago and got myself a C-Max 2.0 Zetec TDCI. (and when I say sale of the century, I really do mean that!) My first impression of this thing? WOW :D . Was totally amazed firstly at the height. I have a lower back disc degeneration disease and have always had 'fun' (not the right word you understand!) getting in and out of my car. The first time I sat in this I was expecting to 'drop' into the seat but I didn't which is still catching me out! The other nice and surprising thing is the power. My last car was the Laguna diesel and I thought was powerful! This thing is great for power up take. As was said, it does have some issues and I need them sorting ASAP but that is for another area. This was simply to say hello and look forward to having 'chats' with everyone. Bye for now..(no wave smiley??) sad now
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums RM25 :)