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  1. Exhaust on 2013 Ecoboost

    .........I love my car but it makes me want to push it off a cliff!
  2. Exhaust on 2013 Ecoboost

    Yes, when the flexi bit went I was told it was because I mainly do short journeys and the condensation doesn’t get burnt off. I have been doing that for the past 15 years though and it didn’t happen with other cars, and only since mid 2017 with this one. Just annoying as the costs to repair/ replace are adding up! Shall just have make more effort at the weekends to go for longer drives. Thanks
  3. Exhaust on 2013 Ecoboost

    I have had my Fiesta since new in 2013 and since August last year, it has had the flexi exhaust part replaced, a hole in the exhaust welded and now another area has blown. I have done under 25k miles. Is any of that normal for the age of the car? My dad has had his Focus since 2004 and has had one repair on the exhaust! So frustrating. Thanks
  4. After thinking the exhaust had blown on my car, I took it to my local garage who said the flexi pipe had gone, easy to replace but because it is attached to the catalytic converter, I have been quoted £350 for the work as he will need to replace the whole thing. Is that right?? I have looked online and can see flexi pipes etc at around £60, but obviously have no real idea what I am looking at!! Could I take it to a reputable exhaust repair and have just the flexi pipe replaced, or is it better to get the whole thing done by this garage? Any thoughts/suggestions would be great. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the advice, it is much appreciated - I now understand!! Cheers Sarah
  6. So, you could really just keep doing that agreement after agreement - so they keep you as a customer? Is it good to keep doing it? Thanks Sarah
  7. My Ford options agreement will come to an end in March next year (so still a good few months away) however I am thinking about my options now. I know I have 3 options, renew my Ford, buy it outright or give it back. For some reason I just can't grasp what I have to do to go for the renew option! What do I have to pay - the outstanding balance? Or is that used as a 'deposit' on the new car and then you refinance? Can someone explain in layman's terms please? Thanks Sarah
  8. Ford Fiesta Key Fob

    I have recently started setting off shop alarms going in and out and have discovered (after much too-ing and fro-ing with keys, without keys, with phone, without phone) that it is my car key setting them off. Has/does anyone else have this problem and any ideas why or how to stop it?? Thanks
  9. 6 Month Courtesy Check

    Was anyone else offered the 6 month courtesy check when purchasing a new car? I have had my Fiesta for coming up to 6 months now and want to take advantage of the offer, however when I called them I was told I didn't need to book it in as they work on a a first come first served basis - which makes me think all they do is lift the bonnet and have a quick look before saying all is ok. What do you think? Thanks Sarah
  10. Best Colour Fiesta?

    Panther Black for me, she glitters in the sun :)
  11. Bluetooth Syncing With Iphone 5

    Sorry for the swear word....
  12. Bluetooth Syncing With Iphone 5

    Update: So having eaten my dinner in seconds I went to the car armed with USB cables, sticks, my old phone and the manual. Firstly, I turned up the volume on new phone and that made a bit of difference but when I compared the old phone volume it just wasn't as good. Suddenly I remembered the !Removed! sound check button on the phone and it was on!!! Turned it off and boom, everything worked like a dream. So, I can only conclude it was user error and my lovely car hadn't let me down!!! Once again, thanks so much for your suggestions.... Sarah
  13. Bluetooth Syncing With Iphone 5

    Great! I will try this too. Loving this website, far more help than anyone else I have spoken to today :)
  14. Bluetooth Syncing With Iphone 5

    Oh I hope it is just that and nothing else. It's so frustrating when you're used to things just working! I will try that this evening and see if it works. Thanks Sarah
  15. Bluetooth Syncing With Iphone 5

    I am going to try everything! I spoke to Apple this morning and they said that having the volume up or down on the phone shouldn't affect it but it's worth a go. Annoyingly it was as I was going for my train so I didn't have loads of time to play around with it - I assumed it would work fine so didn't try it last night. All I know is that yesterday morning all was working fine with the old phone and it wasn't today with my new one. Do you have any other devices paired at the same time, or should that not make any difference?