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  1. Hi RAB2000. My Arm is Fine its the C Shaped Plastic Bit which pokes out of the bottom of the Lock which is broke. Not to worry tho i Fixed it. Took me 10 mins to swap the insides out of my old lock and put it into the new barrel with the new plastic bit. now it works like a charm. getting the spring to line up was a pain but got there in the end.. Cheers anyways for the advice RAB2000..
  2. WOOP WOOP my first post, ok i brought a Ford Focus Titanium 1.6tdci over the weekend and guess what i have this problem. I have for some reason got the LHD version of the Bonnet Lock. I managed to open up the bonnet .Simples. and saw that the the roller ball and the C shaped clamp on the end of the Key Lock are busted / Shattered. so i have had to stump up the cash £45 from fords for a new Lock. :( BUT here is my dilema how the hell do I put the keylock together to suit my key?? FORD wanted £100 do this aparently its takes ages BUT they requested they have my old lock which made me wonder if they was going to remove my old inners & simply replace them into the new one so i said NO. so now im on here hoping some off you nice people know how this is done :) and all i am offering is a Thanks & 2 thumbs up as payment :)
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Habbers :)