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  1. Shudders after Start Up, Loss of Power?

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  2. Afternoon All, I've got a little issue with my car, I don't know if it's major or not... But I have a Ford Focus Estate 1.6 Tdci 2012. If I start the engine from cold I've noticed more vibrations than usual coming from the engine in my seat, but the rum remains normal, kind of a little shudder. Another thing happens is if I'm doing 70mph and steadily going at 60mpg now and then the engine feels to break only for like 1 second and goes back to normal, I can only describe the feeling like if you put a car into 4th from 5th...you u get that little shunt/push (as an example of what I feel) - could this be the turbo being weird and kicking in or out? Sorry if I'm not explaining myself well! Thanks
  3. Morning All, I have a Ford Focus 1.6TDCI 2012, bought April 2015 54k miles on the clock, 66k miles now. Yesterday i had a notification come up on my car which said "Engine Malfunction Service Now" (at this point the engine is vibrating a lot) i press OK and it then tells me "Hill Assist Not Available", what does this mean? i'm guessing the Hill Assist has nothing to do with the Engine Malfunction? Annoyingly my car is due for its Service and MOT with Ford on Friday. Let me know your thoughts? or if you've had this problem before? Thanks
  4. Black Box Scam

    Hey, You've spotted some of the generic "Low Risk" Occupations, but it is down to the Insurer and the rates they and the underwriters favor, so for example Hastings Direct may favor a Teacher than Direct Line. Another Example is to Try different "Styles" of the Occupation you are, so IF i was a Technical Telephony Analyst some insurance companies don't recognise that, so you can look at the title you are and what you do....so even though you are a Telephony Analyst its also Computer Based, e.g Technical Analyst, Computer Analyst, Telephone Analyst, Analyst, Data Analyst. All of those potentially you could "Tailor" the Occupation you are to fit the insurer. Hope this makes sense? I can't identify other low risk occupations as i said above, depends on the insurer.
  5. Black Box Scam

    Mattiti Even though you say you we're told it was Free to Remove the Box, best thing to do is ask the Insurer to find the Recording of "When" this was said, if you are correct then they should wave the fee, if you are wrong then you pay. And i know this sounds silly but ALL Insurer's say this, Please Check the Policy Documents on Fee's and Charges when you get them!!!
  6. Problem Starting!

    I will be taking him to court to claim back what is owed dont worry! Here is the explanation the good garage gave me when I got it fixed with them:
  7. Problem Starting!

    Good reply? Haha
  8. Problem Starting!

    My Cars Alive!!! All working well, but I'll soon be part exing it for a 2.0tdci focus estate 2011, seems the best choice at the moment!
  9. Problem Starting!

    Looks like I will get my car back, the garage has never seen something like this before. As the wheel for the cambelt was loose its wobbled and worn down the crankshaft where the pully part sits. Apparently you have to hammer the crankshaft on...but mine you can slide off! The garage is going to try and use Industrial Glue to hold the parts in place and tighten the pully bolts as much as possible....so here hoping!
  10. Problem Starting!

    Well....I wont go for a new engine... id make a claim to the Garage that didnt do the right job. But IF my car is fine...then ill still try and make a claim for the costs of repair to my car
  11. Problem Starting!

    Bit of an update guys, garage just called and said there is abit of damage to the Crankshaft. So theyve ordered a new guide and pully from Ford to see if it holds, if it doesnt...this is because the crankshaft was wobbling and would require I completely new engine....
  12. Problem Starting!

    I would have guessed the bolts we're with the kit? the Kit link is here: http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Ford_Focus_1.6_2008/p/car-parts/car-service-parts/major-service/timing-belt-kits/?348778516&1&b06001b82804e457169c3af569f75d06e0276706&000332 From what the garage repairing my Focus have said, is that the bolt came loose and wasn't tight enough, but i'll still ask them to keep the parts. My car will hopefully be back to my by end of next week (i hope), i can't wait to drive it again! And im sure it'll feel a lot nice to drive if the new Cambelt that's being put on is correctly done...which this garage, i know it will be!
  13. Problem Starting!

    Yep! Im gutted and angry at the same time. Not going to have a car for a week now whilst its being repaired. Ive got a very good local garage to do the work! Ill be a ford focus owner again soon!!!
  14. Problem Starting!

    Update. The garage have said the Crank Shaft Pully Bolt wasnt on tight enough and caused the cambelt to snap. Spoke to my friend who did it (qualified mechanic) and hes having none of it. He says as the cambelt was done in may last year it would have come off a long time ago. So im at a stand still on whos to blame and should pay for my £890 bill...16 valves need to be replaced too
  15. Problem Starting!

    Unfortunately Gentlemen you are all correct, my Cam-belt went and a valve has been bent, not sure on the phone Valves yet but their having a look at the moment. I've spoken to Euro Car Parts about the warranty and they've said that once Dayco have the part back and inspected it and confirmed if it was a faulty part or not then they'd pay for the Repairs and Labour of the vehicle......lets hope my car isn't a complete Write Off!!! Thanks.