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  2. Leaking Sunroof

    Hi guys my sunroof has developed a major leak, very handy in our current weather! I was wondering if the rubber seal that has perished is readily available? I've looked on Ebay and other sites but no joy, looks like a Ford dealership which is probably an expensive option. Failing that I might have to seal it shut which I don't really want to do, any help, advice or tips would come in handy. Cheers Matt
  3. Electrical Problems

    Hi guys, spent an hour fiddling around this morning, didn't fancy driving to London without air/con working! Took out the blower resistor gave everything a good clean and spray with contact cleaner. Started the car up and SUCCESS :-) now have a trip to work with fully functioning blower and cold air/con. Thanks for all the help and advice wase16ll
  4. Untitled Album

  5. Electrical Problems

    Thanks for all the advice and help, it's very much appreciated. I might have a go if I'm feeling brave enough. Electrical problems aren't my speciality! But you explained it in a way I understand so I will have a go myself. Thanks again, Matt
  6. Electrical Problems

    I re-checked all the fuses and though and behold a 15amp fuse had blown. I was probably looking through Stevie Wonder's eyes! That cured the lights,lighter and radio problem. There is power coming into the fuse for the blower but nothing at the blower switch. I've been told I could loop the blower fuse but I'm not too sure what I'm doing. Might be a job for a auto electrician, thanks for the advice wase16ll
  7. Hi guys I've recently purchased a 1996 Escort LX. It's been 20 years since my XR3I so I knew what to expect. Overall a great car but blower doesn't work and the interior lights, cigar lighter and radio packed up yesterday. I've checked all the fuses (numerous times) and relays and all seem ok. Was wondering if it's a dodgy earth somewhere. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks Matt
  8. Electrical Problems

    Hi guys I recently brought a 1996 LX for commuting for work. 41K and full service history with 12months MOT for £500. A few marks and faded rear bumper but overall in excellent condition. I do have a few electrical issues though: 1: Blower not functioning at all. 2: Interior light, cigar lighter and radio not functioning they were working but packed up today. I've checked all fuses and relays inside and under the bonnet but no luck they all seemed ok. I thought it could be a bad earth somewhere but maybe if someone has experienced similar issues maybe could point me in the right direction. Any help would be very much appreciated, cheers Matt
  9. Newbie

    Hi guys, new to the community just purchased a 1996 Escort LX for work. 20years after owning a XR3i seems not much has changed :-)
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums 71matt :)