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  1. Help ! Mondeo Mk3

    Is the car turning over? If so you could just have a massive air block! All you would need to do is as your turning the engine over crack number 3 injector (fuel pipe) and keep doing it until she starts it may take quite a while :/ the problem is the people at ford thought it would be a great idea to not fit a fuel primer on the MK3 its genious :@if not take the fuel filter of fill it full of redex and try then
  2. Mk3 Tdci Replacement Dmf Help

    Could just be an injector leaking off or not pressurising up?
  3. Mk3 Tdci Replacement Dmf Help

    It takes me around 4 hours with a 4 post ramp so a lot longer on the floor
  4. Ford Mondeo Mk3 Slave Cylinder

    Has anyone else had a slave cylinder collaps and destroy the clutch and pressure plate?
  5. Mondeo Tdci Injectors Question

    If there were no filings you should be ok but when a pump goes usually you replace the tank fuel lines and injectors but you might be lucky
  6. ford mondeo MK3 radio satnav and heating unit combined for sale

  7. Mondeo Tdci Start Up Issues

    It will definatley be the injectors! I've had like 10 mondeos do it! The only problem is is finding the injector that is leaking and when you do if you don't have a virginalised fuel pump you may need them coding. You will find that it will knock its !Removed! of in the morning and then run fine!
  8. Egr Issue - P0405 & P0401

    To be honest the EGR on the ford mondeos are silly because you could fix all the problems and it still would clog up! It's a really bad design. I would suggest just getting rid all together your engine will run a lot better of fresh air not re-cycled air! Pluss less carbon out of the exhaust
  9. would love to know why ford make things so difficult to fix!

  10. would love to know why ford make things so difficult to fix!

  11. Mk3 Tdci Replacement Dmf Help

    Well!! I've just done this myself I'm a ford trained mechanic and I was taught to take the steering rack of compleetly but now not working for ford I work with 30 mondeos (diesel) I can say that you are right you can drop one side of the subframe undoing the 18 on the steering wrack through the wheel arch! It is very hard and will take you a lond time! By the sounds of it you could be having slave cylinder problems too make sure when you take it of have a look and see that it hasn't collapsed if so its 3 8m bolts on the inside of the bell housing
  12. Tdci Black Smoke And Chugging Help!!!

    Usually EGR but it could have slipped its timing?? One way to test is on a stand still rev the car to about 3,000 rpm and if its hissing and down on power its a split intercooler pipe if not move to capping the EGR valve of completeley ie use a metal cover over the EGR pipe then take the suction pipe of it will bring the engine management light on but could solve it
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums callumthemechanic :)