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  1. I had the same problem on mine, changed all the filters, usuall stuff, still kept going into limp mode, usually at the most in appropriate moment. No fault codes, the a mechanic friend found a wire was shorting out on the engine block, wire was taped up, never had a problem again.
  2. Thanks for help, drop link bars done. Just been out and had another look. If I get hold of the strut and shake it the rattle seems to come from the spring. I csn syop the rattle by holding it, im wondering if when I replaced the strut bearing, I havent tightened the nut on top of strut enough, it has a really stupid design, and is hard to tighten. I shall try again!! The spring itself was ok, I checked when it was off.
  3. It definitely sounds as if its coming from the spring area, but checked it when I put the bearing on top of the strut, as for the cv joint, how would this be tested???
  4. Has this probem been fixed?????
  5. Morning all, im in need of a littke help. My 2007 2.0l tdci has developed a rather annoying rattle/knocking. It seems to be coming frim the front nearside. It seems to happen at odd times, smooth road no noise, slight uneven piece of road, clonk. Pot hole, sometimes gets a noise. So I have tried to narrow it down. Drop link bar replaced, tie rod and end replaced, lower suspension arm with ball joints replaced, strut top bearing replaced!! Seem to be running out of things to replace, anyone else had similar noises? Or shed any light. Any ideas greatfully recieved.
  6. Morning all. Just thought i would throw this out and see what response i get. I have a 2007 2.0l smax titanium 140. When i get i drive the thing i get a wierd vibration noise around 2000rpm, i can drive through it, and it goes away. You can feel the vibration through the floor pan. and accelerator pedal. I have just had the clutch and fly wheel replaced, and not sure if noise could be related to that? not sure if the noise was there before as the clutch was so !Removed! noisy! Any ideas before i go storming into the garage! thanks.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums sjcrolm :)