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  1. Noisy Central Locking

    My focus has started making an odd noise from the nearside rear door whenever I press the lock button for the second time (deadlock). The car locks and unlocks find, all doors open when they should etc... From what I've read so far people are saying that the locking actuator is on its way out for that door. Anybody have any other ideas?
  2. Leaky Washer Jets

    Any news on this? I've just fitted 2 one way valves and found the same as you, one of them is pretty much stopped but the other is still leaking a bit.
  3. Steering Wheel Wobble Under Braking

    Got it back yesterday and it was the front brakes. There was no play in the front suspension at all so after they took it for a spin they said it must be the brakes. I told them to put some decent spec ones on there so I've got Brembo discs and Ferodo pads. Much better now and all running great. I have got a very slight wheel wobble at 60mph or more but I'm putting this down to wheel balance so having them balanced and tracking checked to make sure. They also noticed (which I have now after a long drive today) that my front nearside wheel bearing is making a bit of a noise so I'll get that replaced too. Happy days.
  4. I purchased a 56 reg Focus 1.8 TDCI Zetec on the weekend and noticed that the steering wheel wobbles under braking but there is no pulsating through the brake pedal. After doing quite a bit of reading and checking of the car the discs are pretty much brand new which makes me think the previous owner probably changed them in the hope it would fix the problem. I've read that it's most likely the front suspension trailing arm bushes that need changing (although changing the whole wishbone would be easier and better off for the car). It had an MOT before I picked her up and there were 2 advisories about these bushes looking deteriorated but no excess movement in them. I've checked them myself with a pry bar etc... and there is no movement in them. Could these still be the issue or should I be looking elsewhere?
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums parsco :)