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  1. Hi, I am looking to buy a 2010ish Mondeo probably diesel, I currently run an LPG (75) so you can guess my question, which is the most economical on fuel. I have been looking at 1.8TDCI 125 or even 2.0TDCI DPF 140. Not sure what all the number mean (1.8 & 2.0 I know). I travel to work on the motorway (22 each way) and do about 50miles town driving at weekends (all aprox mileage). which is the better, Ive been told the 2.00ltr are peugoet engines which have a good reputation but know nothing on the 1.8. Can anyone help please.
  2. Mondeo Best To Buy

    Great feedback.. Thanks. it getting the right mondeo now as that seems to be the car to go for. Needs to be a good MPG for me as I have said previously, running an LPG right now so going back to petrol ... not an option so it has to be deisel.
  3. Mondeo Best To Buy

    Thanks for all the update... Still havent decided although I notice resonable mondeos seem to be more expensive than say Insignias and 508 which are other models I'm looking at. Could this be because they are better cars or because there are fewer around
  4. Mondeo Best To Buy

    Thanks for the info all.