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  1. Ford Sync Problem

    I went to the dealer's service, they made a hard reset with the computer. It was fixed for one day! I think there is a problem with sync connection when the phone restarts unexpectedly, it crashes... I changed phone for sync use because with the HTC was no hope. No problems at the moment.
  2. No Usb Device

    Could you please assist on that? Where is fuse 24? Is this rebooting sync too? I have a stucked phone in sync device menu that can't be deleted and isn't working too. Thanks.
  3. Ford Sync Problem

    Hello all! I have a connectivity issue since yesterday with Ford SYNC and my phone. When I open BT, SYNC says "phone disconnected". When I am trying to connect manually, it says "Connection failed", when I am trying to make a call it says that no phone is connected and that it will try to connect one, but with no success. However, when I am trying to play music from Bluetooth audio, it plays!!! I have tried to pair again phone with no result. I've made a few phone restarts, but the same issue remains. When I'm trying to delete device from sync, it remains on screen. I have an HTC Desire S, I have paired another phone in the past (Samsung Galaxy) but haven't tried to connect other one since the problem started. HTC is the master phone in SYNC. Any advice? Thanks!
  4. I was told that but, thought to ask before try it. Thanks!
  5. Hello, when I'm trying to wash the windscreen, it looks like I loose water from side and top. How do I adjust it to throw water more directly? Thanks
  6. Best Colour Fiesta?

    Hot Magenta!
  7. Gearbox is a bit hard when changing gears (I used to drive an avensis occasionally), but seems ok to me. No noise. No noise from the engine too. I saw 150km/h at 3500 rpm.
  8. Fiesta 2013 Vin Number Position

    I didn't have a clue about that! Thanks a lot!
  9. Fiesta 2013 Vin Number Position

    Yes I was thinking about that, but I couldn't find a support page for European cars?
  10. Please post your car type, the total km/miles and your average consumption mpg or lt/100, just for a reference. I know that after the first 1000-1500 km the consumption will decrease. Me: Fiesta 2013 ecoboost, 1.0, 100hp total distance: 470 km average cons: 7,2 lt/100
  11. Fiesta 2013 Vin Number Position

    I've checked it again in the car license. It is the same. I was not sure about 0 (zero) or O character. I tried it with both but still can't pass the VIN number step and complete registration. Does anyone face a similar problem?
  12. Hello all, Yesterday I tried to register in ford.com to check for sync updates and other stuff. When I was asked to insert my VIN number, I checked my car (Fiesta ecoboost titanium) and I found a 17 character-number at the bottom of the windscreen wipers. I checked at the side of the door and there wasn't any 17 character label. I tried to add it on the site, but I couldn't proceed to the next phase. A message "VIN must belong to a Ford, Lincoln......consist only of 17 numbers and letters......" is shown. My VIN starts with WF0. Is it possible that this is not the VIN number? Is it possible that I can't register in .com Ford site? Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. Mobile Holders

    Any ideas regarding car mobile holders for fiesta 2013 titanium? Windscreen or Air Vent? What do you have?
  14. Delivery Delays

    I have ordered my Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost Titanium Hot Magenda, on 1st of April, with estimated time 2nd week of May. I received a call from my dealer, a week after the order and after I paid a large payment in advance and told me that there is a production delay so I would get the car on 20th June. The car came on 19th of June at customs (Greece) and on 24th of June was in the dealer's agency. The delaer was trying to delay the delivery with many tricks and he wasn't answering my calls. I read in news' web sites that the dealer company agreed in a bank debt settlement of 300 million euros!!! So I was sure that there was a problem. After a lot of pressing and talking with managers, I got the car on 28th, but they were refusing to install me the alarm and park assist (as agreed) and install it some other time. I told them that I would send a mail to Ford and they finally gave me the car. It was very unrespectful behaviour that damages Ford. When I got the car I realised that, there were about 200 hundred brand new cars Focus, Fiesta etc that were expecting to be delivered. I think because the debt the have paused the car deliveries.... I hope Ford will see at things like this. Apart from all this..... the car is amazing!!!
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums manutd14 :)

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      Thank you very much!