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  1. ​Surely the stuff of nightmares. It did have me a little worried.
  2. hi stooge. It wasn't my main reason for buying, in fact I was a bit cautious at the time. I was so impressed with the price and overall package I decide to risk it. Has so many nice features. I can set the seats to chill as well as warm, so it's been very nice on these hot days. I must also say after having driven manual my entire life the auto is rather refined. I like the fact I can concentrate solely on the steering and the cruise feature on the motorway is pretty cool. I do a six hour drive to North Yorkshire quite regularly so it's proven to be a blessing. On the mileage, your right, I'm lucky to touch 40mpg but I paid a good £1200 less than the dealer originally wanted so swings and roundabouts. My biggest bug bear is under revving at 30mph around town and does feel a bit 'floaty' at anything less than 50mph. It much prefers the motorway.
  3. Mondeo Best To Buy

    The new design definitely seems more desirable than the older MK3. I would have thought the 1.8L TDCi 125 is definitely worth a shout in Zetec trim. Should be a few of these around with 60-80k and a relatively low price on the forecourt. Ghia trim was available up to 08 although I haven't seen many around. I must say when I do see them very occasionally I tend to notice. The Titanium and Titanium X are very popular (especially down here in Surrey :)) I suspect you can get them at a decent price in good condition at 60-61 plate. The cars been winning a lot of awards so it's definitely up there with comparable mid level motors. PS, 15 months ago I bought a 54 reg MK3 Ghia X 6 speed Auto. I know age can put people of but it had only 32,000 on the clock, lady owner full stamps from new, 17" Alloys, Front heated windscreen, Elec' Sunroof, Elct chair adjust, Satellite navigation, Air con and climate, cream leather interior and 6CD changer in boot, leather and wood steering wheel. Drives beautifully with little maintenance, no scratches, completely immaculate, just no ware at all (the only outstanding thing being an injector off pipe last week costing £100 with labour) Car cost me 4k. A bargain and bought through a main Ford dealership. Although the car was eight years old I did get a lot for my money especially when you consider the original price when sold was close to 24k. I guess what I'm saying is there are a lot of factors to weigh up. For the money paid I would rather have the car above over a 61 plate with 100,000k on the clock. I had 4 grand cash so bought the best I could and since I've owned mondeo's in the past bought the best I could find. I've had more impressive cars bough from new but paid out massive repayment loans to own them. These days I buy cash. Better way to live and far less stress.
  4. Had the car returned with a leaking injector leak off pipe. Been told this is quite a common problem, surprising at 40,000 miles and reqular servicing. £120 for replacement part and labour cost plus VAT. Seems ok I guess. Runs nice and clean now no drips and dieasel smog.
  5. Mondeo Best To Buy

    the newer engines are definately more powerful and efficient than marques only a few years older. The new 1.8 engines or at least if it's a 61 plate will be as powerful as an older 54-56 plate 2.0 litre and much more efficient so definately worth a look. It's worth going for anything above the basic LX trim, so I guess Zetec and above just that bit nicer inside and with decent alloys. I'm not sure but this may also come with a frnt heated windscreen so a real benefit in the winter. I used to have 51 reg 2.0 Diesel Zetec in grey ten years ago and loved it, very reliable. I'd snap up the chance to get a comparable version in a 60 or 61 plate even a 1.8 litre although the extra power is nice on the motorway.
  6. Hi Folks. I bought an 04 Ford Mondeo Ghia X auto six speed about a year ago with 32,000 on the clock. It's the 2.0 duratorq tdci 130. It's a lovely car and it passed a minor service a few months ago although the local garage who are usually pretty good also noticed quite a lot of old oil collecting in the oil trap under the engine yet everthing seemned pretty dry so assume it's an old fault. I have also noticed more recently a strong smell of diesel possibly spent, coming into the front cabin with a slight diesel mist coming from the front bonnet when stationary. This generally only happens noticeably after accelerating on the motorway for some time. It's definitely getting worse since there is a faint cover of diesel occurring on the back of the car. It also leaks from the front just to the left hand side a good spotting on the ground when left for an hour or so. Researching simerlar symptoms refer to a loose injector pipe or return pipe since the leak is a dark reddish brown and quite thin and there is no discernable loss of power when pulling away. Definately a bit wet on the underside closest to the floor although as you can probably tell I really don't know enough about what might be going on. MPH still seems very reliable at 38-39 mpg. No warning lights. I'm taking it in to the local garage since I don't want to be dumping a lot of greasy fuel on the road. Just wondering if this is going to be a bit of an expensive mare or not. I'll let you know how I fare.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums JohnTemp :)