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  1. do you know how much a courier would be? i'm in Halifax, west yorkshire
  2. Newbie With Sierra Sapphire

    do you still have this? why do ford's have a bad rep for breaking down?
  3. Mk1 Sierra Information

    is it ok? they all seem to be for sale in London, Scotland or Ireland, none in Yorkshire. I went to south London last week and picked up a k-plate
  4. 1993 K plate 2.0 LX hatch. do you want to know if it's a BAG? ? there is some letter code on VIN plate, BG? AG? I need a front bumper and prop shaft main bearing. But I guess I should stock pile any part's I can get
  5. cheers paul. gary I barely know how to turn computer on let alone post a thread. I think it would get caught in the post-man's leg's? ford dealer's CAN get part's for older cars. I rang my 2 nearest dealers, 1 sayin it could take several month's, the other saying it would take 24 hours from been paid for.
  6. Sierra Part's

    tried e-bay, only seem's to be cosworth parts. there's some drive shaft's on there that look like they belong in a scrap bin. false economy putting half dead part's on. may go within a day.
  7. they are. more cosworth's than LX such as mine. recently bought it, discovering it a nightmare to get part's for. any idea's where to get parts 4 regular sierra? like I say, cosworth part's easy to get.
  8. Sierra Part's

    cheers. the missus rang our local dealer earlier today. They said they don't stock any Sierra part's. I will ring them myself tomoz and ask them. Finger's crossed. This sierra seem's to have been kept in a glass box all it's life. 1 owner from new, 75k mile's, but it's not had any weldin I've seen. had it up on work's lift last weekend, all sill's are good. really surprised, had a Ka, it was like a crisp. yet I've had a couple escort convertibles that were solid. Guess it depends on previous owners
  9. Sierra Part's

    yes I think it is. going to take car into work's garage on Saturday. get the old part off to compare. how do I order from micro-cat? :} I've just been thinkin about selling sierra if it's going to be hard to get part's for. sierra was my 1st car, 15 year's ago, sentimental value. I oreder from there web site? oh, do you have to pay to use micro cat?
  10. Sierra Part's

    just got microcat up on google, thank you. didn't realise it would be hard to get parts for.
  11. Sierra Part's

    thank you. not like facebook this is it?
  12. Sierra Part's

    Hello, new here. Does anyone know where I can get part's for a 1993 Sierra LX? Specifically a prop shaft centre bearing?
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums scab :)

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      cheers steve.

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      cheers steve