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  1. wullie1515

    Pumaspeed Stage 2+/3 Remap

    Okay thanks for the info guys, yeah no point in me paying someone too fit when I am a mechanic lol! would be like paying someone else too do my job for me haha
  2. wullie1515

    Pumaspeed Stage 2+/3 Remap

    Yeah I was thinkig this but sometimes companoes dont unless you buy all the stiff through them
  3. wullie1515

    Pumaspeed Stage 2+/3 Remap

    Hi, does anyone know or is there any pumaspeed employees on here that would be able too let me know if I fitted all the supporting mods for the 160BHP package would they be able too remap for me? I.e I will fit all exhaust mods and induction/intercooler soo It would only be the remap I would need? Any help appreciated :)
  4. wullie1515

    Windows Steaming Up

    Haha! Yeap we all have out habbits....mines is a heavy foot if someone decides too fly past me lol
  5. wullie1515

    Windows Steaming Up

    How would this cause the windows to steam up. I was referring too the question about wind deflectors....
  6. wullie1515

    Windows Steaming Up

    You need too reset the windows.....use only the first click on the switch and hold up and once it reaches the top, keep holding you should hear a little click within a second...thats the window reset for the fully closed position...do the same for going downwards and use only the first click of the switch
  7. wullie1515

    Petrol Smell?

    Thanks guys
  8. wullie1515

    Windows Steaming Up

    Check the headcloth at the rear close too the boot....it is a common place for a water ingress/leak.... The water leaks in from a seal thats around a wiring loom, if you open the boot and see the black covered up wiring check the seal, and check headcloth isn't wet, if its wet it will most likely be leaking at the wiring seal, had a couple of 2013 zetec s fiestas like this in my work
  9. wullie1515

    Petrol Smell?

    Yeah Thats what I thought....never thought too check the seats though :/ will try that bud :) thanks
  10. wullie1515

    Petrol Smell?

    Hi guys, I spilled petrol in the boot of my brand new blooming car! I removed the boot carpet and wiped up the petrol spillage....it has been around 4 days now and the smell is still really strong! I have tried leaving windows down etc....any suggestions? P.s boot carpet is still out the car
  11. wullie1515

    Fiesta Bulbs List

    Just too clarify...you DO NOT!! Need canbus error free bulbs....fiestas dont use canbus...infact most of the ford range dont use canbus system
  12. Nice one mate :) looks well
  13. Thanks mate :) yeah red shines up well lol! What foo you use on yours too get it soo shiny? I tend too use dodo juice wax and detailing products
  14. wullie1515

    Fiesta Ecoboost 125 Remap

    Pumaspeed stage 1 remap now available :)
  15. A few pictures of mine :)