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  1. Colour Code

    I think it is 8CPC. I think that is going to be my best match to be honest, I will go to halford for a tester... will post results..... Cheers Andy...
  2. Colour Code

    yes I have been told that, I'm not sure what to do, don't want the paint to look too uneven....BTW Andy, Nice Colour car....Looks just like My colour of car lol!!
  3. Colour Code

    Yes I have the same issue too, I also have G3, which is not recongised, I get Aqauruis blue, but there is different shades, none match the car....
  4. Paint Help ?

    Hi All, I am new to get some help on my Ford Focus 2005. I have a paint issue I hope some can throw some light on. My code on my car says it is a G3, which is Aquarius. Unfortunatly I baught a Genuine ford aerosol of Aquarius, not known there different colours of Aquarius. This is the Bahama Blue. So i did a test, and looked fine...so did the job, them when i was finshed the blue was totally different, it was so much darker.... any Ideas what this could be. I was told by a garage that this is the right colour and the car has sun fade...but i doubt it has, am in Scotland for petesake... I have attached the pics of the differences in cooour for your view and comments.. I have other bits of body work that needdoing.. just same ammounts , but not doing them until i get the right shade... Thanks for advance... Steve!
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums steven77 :)

    1. steven77


      Thanks, I just posted for some help on Paint....just hope someone can help me out...