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  1. Had Our New Mondeo Two Months Now. Love It!

    Cheers Welshy. You've got your sporty hatch. Keep at least one in your life. You can tell your significant other it's practical...
  2. Had Our New Mondeo Two Months Now. Love It!

    Stephen, ours is a regular old-fashioned 6 speed torque converter automatic, with paddle-shifters for the sport mode. So yes, paddles work on this type of transmission. Some manufacturers experimented with Dual clutch set-ups on larger cars with limited success - Maserati Quattroporte from 10 years ago, for example. They learned their lesson and the current model uses a regular automatic. BTW, you can pick up an early Quattroporte with low miles, excellent condition for around £15,000.00. There's even a 2004 on eBay right now, asking just £14,500.00 - definitely way less than new Mondeo money!
  3. Dpf Additive

    Just paid EUR 122.39 (22 labour, 100.39 for 0.35 liter fluid) plus tax as part of my regular service. Apparently the fluid is needed every 60,000 km but the dealer has no way to measure the remaining amount. That makes this stuff EUR 286.82 per liter!!!!!!! Yes, at a Ford dealer.
  4. E C U

    Karoline, I found mine on the 2006 model (same as yours) at the front of the left wheel well. It's a real faff. Best to remove the wheel first. Then unscrew all of the screws holding the plastic splash guard and remove it completely. You'll see an odd shaped black plastic box standing vertically. Unscrew the torx bolts (4, maybe 6) and remove the cover to get to the ECU. Mark
  5. Had Our New Mondeo Two Months Now. Love It!

    It feels a little bigger than our Accord and it is but only by about an inch for length and width. I got used to it quite quickly as I'm used to driving wider cars. It's actually quite nimble on it's feet once you get moving and seems to grow smaller the faster you go. I can tell you exactly why it's taking so long to get the Euro version. The current Mondeo is or was made in Belgium at Ford's Ghent plant. Ford was unable to reach a satisfactory agreement with the unions, so the plant will close. I live partly in Belgium, so can definitely empathise with Ford. While no expert, from a historical perspective, it seems like the union situation in Belgium is similar to that of the UK's in the 1970s.The Valencia plant in Spain which currently builds the 2.0 EcoBoost for the worldwide market (correct me if I'm wrong) is being tooled-up to build the Mondeo. All of which takes time.
  6. Had Our New Mondeo Two Months Now. Love It!

    Feet on The Table - Thanks - the looks draw a lot of attention. Come end 2014 the Valencia factory will be churning them out by the tens of thousands. Stoney871 - my wife even suggested we replace the Ford badge with a you-know-what. I told her that would be just too tacky... Ford actually sold Aston Martin a few years back but still employ many of the same stylists. Jeebowhite - Thanks - this is a car we take a second look at before walking away. It seems obvious, really: build a drop-dead gorgeous looking car - once you've done all the tooling for it, it costs about the same to build as an ugly one... Now if only we could dump the limited top speed of 120mph - Superchips already said they can't help...
  7. Hello From Germany

    Just joined a couple of days ago whilst looking for help with locating my Focus ECU. Got answers really fast. Thanks to all. Originally from the North West where sheep outnumber people. Drive a now high-miles (km) 2006 2.0 TDCI Focus Titanium which has proven ideal for crossing Europe briskly and economically. I like it so much, the wife didn't need too much convincing to swap her trusty but boring Accord for a brand new Mondeo (called Fusion in the US) which many have mistaken for an Aston Martin. We love both our Fords. Full disclosure: still have the Accord, plus I own a 1991 Golf GTI G60 and a 2006 Golf GTI both of which are hardly driven. I'm a car-guy who doesn't often get his hands dirty but likes to improve his rides with stealth modifications (like the 18" Wolf Racing wheels on the Focus - yeah, right!). Love Fish n Chips, as you'll see from my profile pic. Enjoy hiking, visiting interesting places in Europe and the US. Currently planning a trip to a derelict fortified Me 262 factory. Always plenty to go see and do in Germany. Cheers! Mark
  8. Had Our New Mondeo Two Months Now. Love It!

    Thanks. The displays either side of the speedometer are customisable depending on your mood. For example, the rev counter can be made to look like a regular one. It defaults to that when you put the car into sport mode to use the paddle shifters. A very satisfying drive and rock solid north of 100mph.
  9. We have what will be the new version of the Mondeo already. 2.0 EcoBoost, 6 speed Auto, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Assist, lots of other goodies. Deep Impact Blue with Dune leather. Looks fabulous. My wife says she gets a lot of attention driving it...
  10. Ecu Location/removal 2.0 Tdci

    I didn't know about the torx key but thankfully I have some. What a pain to get there. Jack car, remove wheel, remove arch liner, remove protective ECU plastic cover (4 torx bolts). It will be easier next time!
  11. Ecu Location/removal 2.0 Tdci

    Thanks so much. I'll check it tonight.
  12. Ecu Location/removal 2.0 Tdci

    This should be real simple. Where is my ECU? ECU repair company needs the serial number before they'll agree to repair it. Thanks, Mark.
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums autobahnproven :)

    1. autobahnproven


      Thanks Steve, I'm really glad to be here. In just a few days, I've found out where my Focus ECU lives and how to unlock only the Focus driver's door if I wish. I have also ordered an EGR blanking plate on the recommendations of several other members - am looking forward to a little more initial torque and some fuel savings with this cheap mod.