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  1. Mot Emissions Failure

    The whole system had to be changed becuase there were cracks in the pipe they said had to be fixed. One on the down pipe from the engine, one after the cat, and the larger leading into the middle box. I was told the pipe was too old to be split and only the affected parts changed. So I paid £225 for a whole new system. Not sure what make it is though. As for the lambda sensors, the report says they all passed the test. It's just the C02 that's the problem. Oil was put in not long ago as it was low on the stick. Correct oil according to the garage.
  2. Mot Emissions Failure

    Curiously though, regarding the emissions figures, you guys don't seem to phased by them when the garage said they were monsterous.
  3. Mot Emissions Failure

    Regarding the lambda sensors, do you mean removed and not refitted? I have no way of telling this if that's the case. In any case, when the new exhaust was fitted nobody made mention of new sensors or that ones had been replaced. And the new exhuast came with a new cat. I'll look at the air filter again. I do remember tapping it out to clean (not replacing it with a new one) so maybe if I'd not shut the air filter casing properly and left an opening, do you think this would affect it? Either way I will look soon and let you know what I find.
  4. Mot Emissions Failure

    The reading's I gave are the ones from the first test. They said they had done the test again today but never gave me a sheet. It had new plugs and a coil pack about 3 months ago. Someone else has suggested a new air flow sensor. But between now and going back to the garage I'll have done roughtly 70 miles or so, Not a vast distance, but with no mot on it at presant I'm loathed to go much further out than that.
  5. Mot Emissions Failure

    HC readouts were : 1st: 74ppm 2nd: 54ppm Seemed odd the garage was eager for me to scrap it though. I'm doing as they asked though, and running it hard for a day or two and then allowing them to put it back on the machine to test the emissions again. But failing that I know a garage that have said they'd look at the ecu codes. I'm not even sure of the garage did this when it went in to be looked at for repairs, they never said. As much as I know they said it's a dead engine, but it fires first time and runs as sweet as a nut. Maybe I;m being too hopeful?
  6. Mot Emissions Failure

    Sorry, I did mean to put the readings up. So I'll pop 'em in here. And being as it was only the CO that was at fault, I'll just add their readings as all the others were ok. As for both sensors, I was told there was no way that they would make the readings so high. And in looking at the test sheet both lambda sensors passed. Fast-idle test: CO max 0.30% --- 0.53% Second-idle test: CO max 0.30% --- 0.53% Natural Idle test: CO max 0.50% --- 0.62% As I said everything else passed ok, and the whole thing is confusing me somewhat.
  7. I don't mind admitting that I'm a real noob when it comes to cars. I can do petrol, oil, water, etc but thats as far as it goes. I recently had a whole new exhaust fitted from top to bottom and put the car through it's mot the following day at the same garage. It failed miserably on the emissions, and even when I took it back to see if they could fix it they said it was still too high and that it was probably a result of a tired, old, engine. Effectively saying that I should scrap it. They also claimed to have put some fuel treatement in the car, but not having been able to give it a good run to push the stuff through the system said it was hard to say if the stuff had been pushed through and that I should perhaps take it back in a couple of days just to see. So my question is, if it's not the exhaust cuaing the problem (and the airflow thing, they say, would not be enough to give such high readings) would you guys hazard a guess? I dont really want to scrap my car, but I also realise that there is only a certain amount you can spend on a car before it seems like your throwing it down the drain. I dont know if it helps any, but none of the sensors were replaced during the new exhaust fitting. As I have been told, there is a sensor before the cat.
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums grum76 :)