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  1. Hi Many many thanks I will print it off and put it in the owners handbook for future referenceNeil
  2. ]Hi Sorry to both replys, I should have said its a 2004 Focus C Max and the fuse box is up underneath in the passengers footwell.
  3. Many thanks its mainly the A/Con fuse I am after but a list would be useful !! Neil
  4. Hi is it possible to get a list of what equipment the fuse controls, each fuse appears to be numbered in the fuse box but I cant find a list of what each one controls!! Any help appreciated Neil
  5. Hi I have been looking around the site for the answer but cannot find it so here goes, I have just bought a 2001 Mondeo TD LX with all four electric windows before I completed the purchase I checked each window from the main switch bank in the drivers door, they all worked. Today I have discovered that the passengers side and the rear ones wont work off there individual switches, obviously as they work from the main switch banks its not the motors. If I lower the passengers side from the main bank and then try to use the passengers switch the window only goes up whatever way the switch is pressed. Any help appreciated Neil
  6. Pollen/odour Filter

    Many thanks, Thats where it is on my daughters Fiesta, So possibly a good place to start!! Regards Neil
  7. Pollen/odour Filter

    Hi I need to change my pollen/odour filter on my 2005 Galaxy TDi when I do its annual service next month. Can someone please tell me where to find it? Thanks Neil
  8. Hi I am sure it has been covered somewhere on this Forum but I have had a look and cannot find it so here goes!! Just bought a 2004 Mondeo 2.0 diesel and the Ice warning light is on in the dash and the digital computer readout in the dash read's ----F or sometimes -40F I feel certain its only the outside temp sensor faulty. My question is can someone tell me where exactly it is located on the Mondeo and is it easy to change (Cant be that expensive) Any help appreciated Neil C
  9. Random Stalling When Braking

    Hi Does the £99 quid new cluster apply to all Focus's or just certain age ones as my 2002 1.6cc one has started to develope similar problems Thanks Neil C
  10. Blower/fan

    Ok It still might just be the resisitor thats at fault for about £15.00 its worth a try, my local Ford dealer keeps these babies in stock so sell so many!!! just locate it remove the wiring plug connect to the new one and try, if it works then remove the old one and replace it its only one screw!!! although access is tight it very straightforward. Neil
  11. Re-Progam Key Fob Problems

    Hi Even if you get the new key to work the remote locking which is normally easy to do, it will not start the car due to the chip embedded in the key itself which will need replacing or cloning to match the original. There are locksmiths around who can do this, mine charges about £60.00 for a new chip and reprogramming. Hope this helps Neil
  12. Blower/fan

    Hi Yes a couple of things, does the fan blower work on any setting? If it works on any of 1, 2, 3, or 4 then the common fault is the resistor unit which is located behind the glove pocket to the right of the blower unit and slightly lower, best seen with a torch its a single screw and new ones cost about £15 fron Ford. Other less common faults are the actual rotary switch on the dash board which have been known to go wrong. Hope this helps Neil
  13. Which Cd Player Do I Need??

    Hi No I think that is a newer model for the mk2 or maybe even mk3 Deffo not the one I had in mind. Photo attached of the model I mean. On the rear the ones that have the steering wheel control have the middle section not partially blanked off, which allow the wiring plug access.
  14. Speedo Drive

    Cant do much harm just try to keep geasy fingers off
  15. Which Cd Player Do I Need??

    Hi I think you will need to buy a 6000 with a round control knob as apposed to the rocker type because as I see it the rocker ones do not have the correct wiring socket on the back to accept the plug which works the steering wheel control. Regards Neil