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  1. High Speed Steering Vibrations

    Correct pressures, not matching tyres tho. The car has steel wheels on it, not alloys. I'll have to look at getting the wheels balanced up and see if that makes a difference.
  2. High Speed Steering Vibrations

    Hello As the title says I get vibrations through the steering wheel at 60mph +. No issues at low speeds or braking. Any ideas? Cheers!
  3. Ford Focus Mk2.5 Gear Lever Return Spring

    It's quite late so I may have missed something. When I bought my mk2.5 recently it had the same issue, which I somehow missed on the test drive. It wouldn't flick back to centre to change from 2nd to 3rd. I pulled up my gaiter and looked at what parts moved it sideways. Oiled these parts and worked it in by changing gears. No problems since. Easier than ripping everything out.
  4. Usb Socket In Glovebox

    Kit from Stoney arrived. Easy to fit with good instructions. Works a treat.
  5. Usb Socket In Glovebox

    I'll pm you for one!
  6. Usb Socket In Glovebox

    That looks the part. I haven't had the car long, I assume the fuse box is behind the glove box like the mk1.5? Is it one of those piggy back things or do I use a spare one? Also where's the negative go? Just into an earth?
  7. Usb Socket In Glovebox

    Morning! I know there are loads of topics on USB power sockets and hardwiring chargers in, however I'm struggling a bit. Most of the linked products in those posts are either from the States or no longer available. Basically I need to charge my phone as I use it as a sat nav, but in my focus mk2.5 the cig lighter is in an awkward place and the wire gets in the way. I don't want to link it up to the stereo or spend £100+ putting Bluetooth in, I just want a charge point. I'd like to put a USB socket in my glove box so I can run the cable from there, out the way. I want a socket that isn't going to blow my phone up. There are plenty from China on eBay, but don't fancy killing my phone or car! Ideally I'd want to wire it to work with the ignition. Cheers
  8. Focus Tdci Speedo Problem

    My car does have ABS, if it does get the speed from the ABS sensor, is it just one of them or all four? Not had chance to get under the car and check if it has a speed sensor yet.
  9. Focus Tdci Speedo Problem

    Does the diesel have a speed sensor as most of the ones I've found say petrol models?
  10. Focus Tdci Speedo Problem

    Hello Yesterday I got in my car to drive home and the speedo did not move from 0. The rest of the gauges worked and my mileage was displayed although it didn't count up. This morning I've done a gauge check and they all work correctly. Driving down the road looking at both the analogue display and the digital display in the test mode my speedo seems to be stuck on 0, but then trying to work, then back to 0. It's bizarre! I've read a lot about vehicle speed sensor but have a feeling this may be an ABS sensor that gives the speed on this model. It's a Focus TDCI 2003. Any suggestions as I'm convinced it's the sensor sending the speed rather than the cluster. No other issues with the car. Thank you
  11. Oil Leak Tdci

    Hello, My focus has developed an oil leak, just seeking some advice. I've popped off the top cover and have found oil around the (what I think is) EGR Valve. Apologies for the massive photos, hopefully your browser will resize them. >http://www.browns8croft.webspace.virginmedia.com/images/597.jpg This is what I think is the EGR valve. As you can see, this side is caked in oil. >http://www.browns8croft.webspace.virginmedia.com/images/596.jpg I'm not sure if part of the pipe connected has broken. I am pointing to the area in question. >http://www.browns8croft.webspace.virginmedia.com/images/595.jpg The EGR valve itself seems fine, but the pipe connected has a "chunk" missing. I've drawn a diagram on paint to explain. >http://www.browns8croft.webspace.virginmedia.com/images/599.JPG There is a lot of oil around that bolt when you put your finger in the missing "chunk". I thought this pipe was for exhaust gasses, but I'm pretty sure the EGR valve does have oil running through it. Could it be that heat has worn the pipe, making the chunk break out. As the chunk has gone, the bolts arn't holding the seal well and the oil is leaking? I've tried to explain as best I can. I do my own basic repairs but have had a previous focus die due to an oil leak I could not find. Cheers in advance!
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums chrisjbooth :)