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  1. Help! Car Crank But Won't Turn Over?! Codes Supplied

    Yeah its a silver-calcium, it wasnt before though. Before I changed the battery which was mid winter, it was really really struggling to start, I just assumed that was partly the cold and partly short journeys, but never expirenced cut outs!
  2. Help! Car Crank But Won't Turn Over?! Codes Supplied

    I had to change the battery a few months ago and that's about it, put it through MOT and just ha the suspension sorted. I went through loads of threads about the f-super 2 working with an 52 1.8 TDDi, by selectin 1.8 TDCi so I took their word for it.
  3. Help! Car Crank But Won't Turn Over?! Codes Supplied

    I've checked the fuses behind glove compartment and in the black box in under the bonnet, in the way that none are blown, the visible transparent ones. They all seem fine. Not sure what to do next?
  4. Hi, ok my car Focus TDDi 52 would run fine, the odd morning it would start, then 10 seconds later revs drop then cut out - this happened about 3 times - weeks apart. The car would pretty much start fine straight after and no probs. Then this happened again but would not start up and hasn't since. I got a F - Super 2 and these are the results. I admit I'am very amateur at mechanics but can and have fixed cars before. I'm fairly skint so if you guys could share any of your knowledge that could fix this, I would really appreciate it. Cheers in advance. B2141 NVM configuration failure P1246 Alternator load input failure P1632 Smart alternator faults sensor / circuits B1359 Ignition run / acc circuit failure B1318 Bat low (I've charged and tried)
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Simbobsimon :)