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  1. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    As little as possible for as much as I can get I'm a 'sculptor in burnt clay and lime' But I prefer ' structural masonry erection specialist'
  2. Help ! Mondeo Mk3

    Breaking this now if anyone needs any bits for a bargain
  3. Help ! Mondeo Mk3

    will try all of the above tomoro morning . it really would be a shame to scrap itsthe perfect car for my 200 miles a day travel ! but the little 306 seems to be winning at the moment !
  4. Help ! Mondeo Mk3

    thanks again still not managed to get it going gotta have a play around today but I work nights so don't get much time to do so ! If I can't get it going by Monday it's going to the yard is there anything on them worth breaking first ? It's a shame but I really don't have the time or space for a non runner I just can't get I to crank As for the veg the stuff I get is 30p a litre it was my fault for assuming the drum was clean (I did ask first) and pumping from the bottom of th drum My brother runs his Astra dti on refined used veg oil that's been heated to remove water. Filtered and had something added to it Which is about 90p a litre Is there an easy way I can test is the starter is hitting a flat spot ?
  5. Help ! Mondeo Mk3

    the veg is the reason im torn im going to try the old hit it with a hammer then tow it to try and get it going after that .......... im out of ideas its just a hatch mondy i bought it when the head went on my lingo van at 240k :( :( its was just a cheap runner really and its green
  6. Help ! Mondeo Mk3

    Hi cal. I was going to use a sniff of break cleaner easy start type thing to get it going to get the fresh fuel through. But after I reconnected the filter and hoses it won't even crank. As if there is no power but there is power. I even had th jump leads on it today but still nothing. I'm not a mechanic in any form especially if things start to get electrical ! Cheers
  7. Recently I purchased a 2002 mk3 redo and I'm having a bit of self inflicted bother. After chucking a load of bad fuel through it I've had to empty the tank (60 litres of heart break) And clear the lines After I cranked the motor to get to of the last of the crappy water\ oil from the fuel lines I connected the fuel filter and put everything back as I should (took about 10 mins) Went to start the motor with fresh lovely derv and got nothing. Just and audio note to say the Immob wasn't having it I've looked around and its suggests its not an Immob fault because the little red light isn't showing fault sequences So, have any of the mondy boffins out there come a cross this problem before , and if so how do I get around it I don't want to spend hundreds because I don't know if the car will even fire up once I get past this hurdle Thank you all ! Robbie
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums wobbli :)

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      Ta very much!