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  1. ok thanks. I'll just buy one off ebay, sounds far simpler! Ta
  2. Could you point me in the direction of this usb adapter please?
  3. Is there a female jack to usb lead you can buy? It's just I've had a thought and all my music is on memory sticks? Althought thinking about it it wouldn't recognise it would it?
  4. Thanks Stoney, this is precisely what information I was after! Why can't Ford be this helpful! First rate response! Cheers!
  5. Hi all Have a mk2 2005 focus lx which doesnt have the cable from the back of the stereo to the back of the jack in glovebox. Phoned local ford dealer yesterday and he started jabbering on about a usb cable and it was £83! I said £83 for a cable? FFS! I think not! lol I do remember seeing a post once about the lead and it cost about 8-10 quid???? Or have i got that wrong??? Could anyone assist with name of lead or better still part number? Many thanks Alan
  6. Afternoon all How easy is this to fit to my mk2 focus?
  7. Afternoon all I have no handbooks for my mk2 focus, therefore don't know my radio code which I need to clean the terminals up on my battery and also don't know how far fuel will go when fuel light comes on. Also need to get my hands on the handbooks! Anybody able to help? Many thanks! Alan
  8. Hi all The old man's got a mk1 mondy, and we're having problems with it running. When driving along at say 30 mph in 4th, it don't like it. starts coughing and spluttering all over the shot. could put up with this before, but now it's started stalling too. Am I correct in thinking plugs and leads (replaced recently), air filter dirty (replaced), EGR valve or coil pack? Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks Alan
  9. Insurance

    Stoney, that is a brilliant idea, but can't see it happening as they won't make as much money!
  10. Just got rid of a mk3 2.0 petrol estate with 194k on it. Had replaced clutch and flywheel (dualmass is damn expensive man!), all the suspension arms, bearing front and back, EGR valve, and it still wanted new rads (both cooling and ac were rotting to hell), valve stem steals plus the air bag control unit was shot and I was struggling to get 28mpg out of her so i thought it won't get through MOT with new regs (which are a pain the backside) so i might as well get newer car. So picked up 1.4 focus with 72k on the clock and still having problems with that too! lol Mind you it had been used as a workhorse for 3 years and had 35k put on her in that time! :)
  11. Insurance

    Isn't insurance just one big con and rip off? I've been paying all that money for years now and what have I got in return? Nothing! Biggest rip off going I tell ya!
  12. Hi all My instrument panel is doing some !Removed! weird things. When I'm driving down the road the speedo and rev counter stop working and all the lights come on along with dashes in the mileage trip bit. When it eventually comes back into life it is in limp mode with the red cog and also the orange looks-like-a-gearbox on the right hand side is on. Some days it will do this. Some times it won't do it at all. It played up something wicked yesteday driving home and this morning it won't start at all. Seems as thou the immobiliser is not turning off. I did wash it yesterday. But then last weekend when it was doing it, I didn't wash it but it was a hot day. After going dials dying and going into limp mode I lost throttle to I'm confused!! Only had it 6 weeks! . Where is the main fusebox and ECU on the car? Water getting in and shorting? ECU fault? Loose wire? Any help greatly appreciated Alan
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums ahaw6627 :)

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      Thanks Steve!