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  1. anyone know what torque the rocker cover bolts and the sequence on a mk7 2010 1.4 petrol fiesta please many thanks guys.
  2. the problem seems getting ford to admit somethings wrong with the clutch. I just had mine looked at and told the same that they are all like that.
  3. hi guys after a bit of advice I have a vibration noise when reving between gears cars performing fine,but ive read that it can be a fuel pipe rattle has anyone any info on this or does ford have a tsb for this?many thanks.
  4. hi guys is it ok to use supreme diesels in the mk5 2.0 tdci like bp ultimate?
  5. if you pull up somewhere and hear the fan theres no need to go off driving again,just sit there until fan has switched off which is a sign regen has finished.
  6. two things I can say to try as I have the same engine in my focus, and I had a similar feeling on my car,check your turbo intercooler pipe big one at front of engine on top hose clip where it joins throttle valve for leak can be loose clip as ford don't tighten this enough as had this when car was serviced as they seem to remove it when changing oil filter and also clean your maf sensor.
  7. did you have egr programmed in to car?
  8. I bought a magnelli marelli one of euro car parts and it looks identical to my one but where fomoco and part number is on the ford version has been removed from the magnelli marelli one,also when new one fitted the car does not feel as good as the old one it seems to not have as much power but is smoother?
  9. hi guys does anyone know who makes maf sensors for ford focus 2.0 tdci 2014, I mean who produces fords mafs?
  10. throttle body butterflies sticking had this on my 2.0 tdci and filed them down slightly and worked a treat.
  11. I have a 2014 2.0 tdci zetecs and when I got it I had a annoying cutting out stalling problem which a later software update cured but the new version introduced a new problem of what seems like pinking in high gears and a noisier tickover,so just checked and see a new version is available so just booked it in for it to be done and hoping this puts right what last update did.
  12. Ive got a 2014 2.0 tdci zetec s 163 and when I got it performance was rubbish and never felt like a 160 bhp so I took it to ford and they scanned it and installed the latest software for powertrain and it gave the car a lot more performance and its smoother and better on fuel.
  13. hi folks some time ago I reset all adaptions with forscan and am wondering after reading about problems people had doing this with the 1.6 tdci.they had to do a learn process does this apply to the 2014 2.0 tdci I don't have any fault codes after doing it but wondered if there was a learn process for 2014 2.0 tdci, thankyou.
  14. well my car only had 30,000 on clock and 3 Halfords services through eueopacar, then evans halshaw so called full serviced it before I bought it and stamped that in book so not too concerned as I think the first 3 services would of only of been oil changes.