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  1. Start up issues Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI 58 plate

    throttle body butterflies sticking had this on my 2.0 tdci and filed them down slightly and worked a treat.
  2. how do you know they are working?
  3. Firmware update changes list.

    I have a 2014 2.0 tdci zetecs and when I got it I had a annoying cutting out stalling problem which a later software update cured but the new version introduced a new problem of what seems like pinking in high gears and a noisier tickover,so just checked and see a new version is available so just booked it in for it to be done and hoping this puts right what last update did.
  4. Buying a used mk3 Focus

    Ive got a 2014 2.0 tdci zetec s 163 and when I got it performance was rubbish and never felt like a 160 bhp so I took it to ford and they scanned it and installed the latest software for powertrain and it gave the car a lot more performance and its smoother and better on fuel.
  5. pilot relearn procedure

    hi folks some time ago I reset all adaptions with forscan and am wondering after reading about problems people had doing this with the 1.6 tdci.they had to do a learn process does this apply to the 2014 2.0 tdci I don't have any fault codes after doing it but wondered if there was a learn process for 2014 2.0 tdci, thankyou.
  6. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    well my car only had 30,000 on clock and 3 Halfords services through eueopacar, then evans halshaw so called full serviced it before I bought it and stamped that in book so not too concerned as I think the first 3 services would of only of been oil changes.
  7. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    i bought my car a 2014 zetec s from evans halshaw on finance and was told and saw in advert it had full service history and when picked car up was shown ford folder etc...so presumed all ok but on getting home the service book had one stamp in it by them so I asked them where the other service stamps are etc... to be told they would look into it, two weeks goes by and not a word from them so I rang Barclays who financed the car and they told me the car had to be full history as finance agreement stated,they rang evans halshaw and at my request told them to come up with the history or the car will be returned.a day later I had a call from europacar who the original owner was and they told me car had 3 services by halford autocentre and emailed me the list and receipts of services,i confirmed this with Halfords and maybe your cars prvious owner was europacar hire as I have been told they buy a lot off of europacar.
  8. software update

    high thanks for your reply the thing is I have a older focus 2.0tdci 140 which would wipe the floor with my latest focus 2.0 tdci 163 both have same engine.the 163 you have to really hammer it to get it going,i have just had a full ford service on it and asked them at the time about software updates but as you said because no warning light on they were not interested,i have checked etis ford and it does say there is a software update for powertrain but it does not say what its for?
  9. software update

    hi guys does anyone in the know be able to tell me if there are any recent software updates for the pcm powertrain on a 2014 focus 2.0 tdci manual,if so what does the software update solve many thanks guys.
  10. Admitted Defeat 2.0 Tdci Breaking

    I spoke to my ford dealer mechanic who is a friend and he said my psa 2.0 tdci does not have coced injectors have a look on website autodiagnosis.look under support/manufacturers specific diagnosis,
  11. Admitted Defeat 2.0 Tdci Breaking

    it does sound egr related,when its programmed in it is told when to shut and when to open,if not programmed it might not be fully shut when starting from cold,best test blank it off and try it nothing to lose mate?
  12. Admitted Defeat 2.0 Tdci Breaking

    put a blanking plate on the egr to rule out egr as sounds like it could be that as your symtoms sound like a unprogrammed egr?also my 2.0 tdci 2005 does not have coded injectors seems strange yours has,as you have a new maf in it wont be that,does sound egr related thou?
  13. Admitted Defeat 2.0 Tdci Breaking

    just another thing injectors in the 2.0 litre don't have to be programmed in like the 1.6 tdci and like the mondeo tdci, there are no injector codes written on the injectors if you look at your injectors.are you sure egr has been coded values relearned in every engine you have put in?when I bought mine it was smoking and had a stutter so I thought I will clean egr out.when I looked I see previous owner had put a new one on it so I phoned him and he said they don't need coding in but I took it to ford and they did need coding,also a software update was needed? if I was you to be certain its not egr make a blanking plate and put it in at the connection where the silver pipe comes out the top of the egr,also try disconnecting the maf and see if the smoke stops.
  14. Admitted Defeat 2.0 Tdci Breaking

    ok mate feel for you been where you are now when I had a tdci mondeo,I spent good part of £3000 on it and it just couldn't be fixed,will take some pics of pipework when get a chance maybe tomorrow ok mate.
  15. Admitted Defeat 2.0 Tdci Breaking

    also if you can wait a couple of days I will have a look at my vacuum pipes and take some pics for you?