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  1. I had an issue with a 1.25 fiesta where when warm the revs where erratic and eventually cut out, no fault codes where present and no lights on the dash. I work at ford and looked through the TSB's (technical service bulletin's) on the vehicle and found one matching my symptoms it was telling my to replace a section on wiring loom and throttle position sensor the parts retail about £300 (the loom taking up £230 of this and the sensor and relevant seals making up the other £70) and takes just under 1 hour to do. This cured the idle problem on this particular vehicle however this vehicle was one of the last off the production line (2008) before the new shape came out but it's work looking into.
  2. Focus St Fault Help

    Just a quick update I went through a pile of wiring diagrams and found one with intake, exhaust, maf and turbo sensors and began testing that circuit, eventually found a fault with the oil heat sensor thing in the oil filter housing. Replaced the housing as a whole unit and the faults have cleared apart from headlight faults and instrument fault but I'm not bothered about that.
  3. Focus St Fault Help

    Hi I have a focus st 2006 with engine management light on and abs traction control light on, I have fault codes u2023-eo-abs coms fault, P0076-e2-PCM intake valve control circuit low bank 1 P0079-e2- PCM exhaust valve control circuit low bank 1 P0102-e2 PCM maf sensor circuit low input P0245-e2 PCM turbo/supercharger waste gate solenoid A low P0458-e2 PCM EVAP system purge control vale circuit low P0646-62 PCM air-con clutch relay control circuit low B2477-60- EATC module config failure B2609-30 HCM ecu output to left headlamp stepper motor circuit failure B2612-30 HCM ecu output to right headlamp stepper motor circuit failure B2619-70 HCM rear axle vehicle level sensor signal circuit failure These codes where taken from the IDS diag machine and I am fairly clued up as I have a technician status level motor vehicle cert but this is beyond me :/ I think it's the PCM at fault :S any ideas of the fault would be much appreciated
  4. St2 Insurance

    I'm 21 no years no claims discount and 5 points for driving without due care and attention, my st cost £1400 to insure which is £500 less than the 2006 1.1 citroen c2 I had before.
  5. Mk7 Fiesta St Bcmii Failed

    It might require a software update or just a basic reset. Has the battery voltage dropped really low?
  6. Fiesta Mk6 Juddering- Please Read

    Hi, it sounds like your clutch is slipping. Does the car smell funny after it's been juddering badly and what's the mileage? With the cluch being a mechanical part it won't bring any fault codes up. Your local garage can perform a stall test on the car which only takes a few minutes to make sure it's this at fault.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Bennylad91 :)