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  1. Help glove box removal

    Ok so my mum has got a 2006 focus Cmax and i after changing the heater motor resistor which I believe is located behind the glove box. So I was wondering if any one has removed one before and could point me in the right direction of all the screws as it seems that the center console has to come out.
  2. Ok so my mum has gone away and left me with her c-max but when ever the car gets to 3000 rpm it nose dives and then cuts out any ideas what this could be thanks. The car is a 56 c-max 1.6 diesel
  3. Antifreeze/coolant

    The chemicals in the blue antifreeze are alot more aggressive than what are in the pink as the blue antifreeze eats away at aluminium Engine parts so if your engine is running pink antifreeze I highly recommend you don't put blue antifreeze in but I can't say if the prestone yellow will be OK
  4. Mk7 Fiesta

  5. fiesta mk7 wishbone bolts torque

    No I left it on the jack when tightening and I have had no problems
  6. fiesta mk7 wishbone bolts torque

    I just did mine ft the horizontal and vertical ones i pulled them in with a buzz gun then checked with breaker bar and the pinch bolt just did that up with a 3/8 ratchet If you want torque settings get me the tensile strength of the bolt and the thread size and I can get a torque setting for you
  7. Wiring Loom Required

    Ebay Item number 151430793986 Then select 2 way 6.3 in the options
  8. Sound Of Bubbling From Engine Bay Answered

    Why cool it when the engine ain't running tho I thought it would need oil more than water to stop the moving part wearing
  9. Sound Of Bubbling From Engine Bay Answered

    I typed in ford fiesta turbo water cooled on Google and the 1st site is fiestast.net it's on there about the water jacket for the turbo http://fiestast.net/threads/the-official-fiesta-st-network-question-and-answer-thread.90/page-4 5th comment down
  10. Sound Of Bubbling From Engine Bay Answered

    Agreed but upon looking online fiesta st turbo has a water jacket for cooling just can't understand why it would still pump with the engine off
  11. Sound Of Bubbling From Engine Bay Answered

    Your car is bubbling due to the coolant system being over filled the tank you are looking at is a expansion tank and should and be filled half way between min and max to allow for the water to move as for the turbo cooling down its more letting your turbo slow down before turning off the engine to prevent starving the turbo of oil
  12. Things I Don't Like

    Things I dislike People that crash into your car why your stood inside the chippy then drive off and then when you put a claim in against them for the damages to your car try to say i pulled out on him so now I'm having to go to court to prove that he was at fault. stupid people make my blood boil
  13. Mother Chuffing Corsa!

    Get well soon hope your not hurt to bad
  14. Ford Diesel Specialists

    mick ogden diesels they are based in Chorley not 100% sure if you can take your car to them or just parts we use them at work as I work for a bus company in atherton all I can say is give them a bell see what they say hope its any use to you
  15. Hit And Run

    That's the thing my no claims ain't protected