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  1. Had trim off this morning. Its very tight in behind the trim to get at stuff. The sticky pads seem to be doing the job ,I give it all a good clean and stuck them on. If they ever do come off I will look into the plastics screws and nuts. Thanks.
  2. Went to change my rear plate and the old one was screws in and rusted. With a bit of force I got it off but the whole plug seems to have come out as well. I got one screw frees from the plug but the other is too far gone. Does anyone have a link or a part number for these? They seem to be hex shapes and push fit into the boot lid through their hex holes. I got a few sticky pads from local factors to stick the plate on for the meantime. Thanks.
  3. Yeah I rather have my plates bare as well, I hate advertising other people business. I see one on wbay called Number Plates direct Might try those as they dont seem too intrusive, also got 100% rating so they must be decent enough and have advertised as Fully Road legal. I like the The 3D font but may just go with the normal incase I get a MOT tester who is super picky with stuff. Normal set 3D Font set
  4. Anyone know a good website to get number plates replacements? My front one is a little worn and won't pass MOT (I don't think) so gonna just replace it but the local factors machine is broke at moment and they not sure when they have it sorted. Thanks
  5. Other local factors have quoted be £120 all in for a comline kit? he says these are decent and a lot better than tranmech. anyone any experience with comline ?
  6. Yeah mine drives 100% but the tweets get annoying especially on cold mornings untill you use it a little or if you stop at traffic lights ect it's annoying, That clutch looks good but it doesn't have the release bearing/slave cylinder with it, I think when changing clutch your better doing all 3, clutch, pressure plate and the release bearing/slave cylinder. I'm still on the look out.
  7. Europarts at time where looking £86 but in sale it came down to £64. Looking tonight there euro parts have a few other options now which they didn't at time I bought. Will have to look about and see I need one with the whole kit by just the pressure plate and clutch as most seem to be.
  8. Good price, my local factors are charging £200+vat for a comline ,they said that's the cheapest they can do others they can get but are more pricey, I think I will see what ford price for a genuine one. Thought europarts would of been ok for decent clutch kit.
  9. Think I will just take it back. Any links for a genuine clutch kit or a good alternative. Thanks
  10. I have a sound from the car when idling that sounds like a bird in the engine lol! Long story short it's been traced to the gearbox area and when I very very lightly push in the clutch pedal it's goes away and comes back, I have to pump the clutch a few times to make stop but it's getting worse now and is becoming constant so I think I may need to replace the clutch. Car drives 100% no slipping or anything. So I ordered from europarts a few bits for another car as they had a sale on so I got a clutch kit for the focus. They only had one type advertised so I picked it up anyways. Thought I got a good deal until I read some online stories about the make of clutch. Some are good some are bad so now not sure what to do, use it or replace it with another make ...... The one I got is Tansmech 637592511. See attached image of the actual box. Has anyone had any good experience with these clutches the stuff I was reading was from 2011/2012 so I would of presumed that europarts would of stoped selling them if they where total cr**p. Let me know what you fellas think. It's not the end of the world of I have to change it as I won't be doing the clutch for a few weeks anyways.. Thanks
  11. I'm thinking the same to be honest. What is a normal running temp and what temp should the fan kick in at when car is idling for a long period? Its hard to judge when the dial doesn't move above the middle.
  12. Just noticed that the temp dail needle never goes past midway mark. when I do the dash board menu trick and check the Engine temp digital readout it's reading different. It seems to be higher than the temp gauge Itself. When left idling the digital temp will creep to 100 before the fan kicks in but the fan only kicks in for a few seconds and then stops, the temp drops to around 96 and this repeats. Other cars the fan usually hits full speed to knock temp away down, best if all the temp gauge needle stays midway it doesn't even move to the red. When I'm driving the digital read out seems to stay around late 70's to early 80's so I presume this is the rad is air cooling properly when car is moving. Would a faulty Thermostat cause this or any bad sensors? I'm gonna have a closer look over weekend at wiring loom ect for any damage, any thing else I should look at or any help would be great. Thanks
  13. Just an update here, replaced the cap with a new one and car has been running well for the past 100 miles. The old cap on closer inspection seems that the spring was sticking inside it so. Thanks to all for help
  14. High Johnathon , it's already been skimmed and the block also was checked and all was 100% flush before the new gasket was fitted.
  15. Update Got the new head gasket fitted and all built back up. car starts well and drives well but the is a little pressure building in the coolant system. The coolant cap is very tight and when forced off it left the centre piece in the coolant tank I had to prise this out, Im nearly 100% sure there is no airlocks or blockages so Could this pressure be building due to a faulty cap? Thanks