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  1. sonic113

    Cylinder Head Bolt Socket ?????
  2. sonic113

    Cylinder Head Bolt Socket ?????

    Thanks. Would this set do the Job? Just the head bolts is all I need them for.
  3. Any one know what size/type of socket used for the cylinder head bolts in the 2009 focus/cmax 1.6 zetec engine ? I have to take head off and want to make sure i have all tools at hand? any links ect to buy would be helpful as well. Thanks
  4. sonic113

    Help with coolant issue

    Update Ok so bled her again and thought all was fine. After a 2-3 mile run she heats up cools down but the pressure in the system is massive to a point where car stalls and wont start. Massive burping/gurgling when coolant cap is removed and fluid seems to be flowing back in tank on bottom coolant hose. When left over night coolant level drops slightly, oil is milky as hell, I think he has blown head gasket/seal and someway in coolant is running in the oil when warm or left over night but when at idle or driving combustion gases from one of the cylinders is being built up and pushed through in to the coolant system causing the excessive pressure. so I plan to strip head off tomorrow to look as its the only thing I can think of doing, I think i have checked all else, even pressure cap was renewed but same issue. I originally though he just tore the front hose on a piece of wire he got caught on the underside but that night he drove on home and noticed teh fans running on when he stopped car. next morning he started up and idled for a bit to get heater going, No heat came but a red triangle with ENGINE HOT Waring popped up but he drove on to work with it (He really silly with car stuff lol!) again fan was running when he stopped. It was that evening I got the call and went down, oil level was low so topped it up and fitted new hose but now she running like this so I think its pointing to a head gasket, any advice or info welcomed before I make a start as it would be great to egt a second opinion. Cheers fella's
  5. sonic113

    Help with coolant issue

    Wilco Thats a great job there, Do you think there still could be an airlock in my case? I was gong to remove the thermostat and test it with that out just to see if it makes any difference encase the thermostat is sticking?
  6. sonic113

    Help with coolant issue

    Well Not looking good, tried bleeding it today and thought all was good but no no lol! She heating up to about 85 degrees C but the temp garage is just going to normal. All the coolant pipes get really firm wit pressure the the engine will cut out and not start until she cools. The coolant level is falling in the Tank but there is 100% No Visible leaks around the engine. at all. the oil cap looks like this, would this be blown head gasket?
  7. sonic113

    Help with coolant issue

    Thanks wilco I will try that tomorrow morning and see how it goes. Will report back.
  8. sonic113

    Help with coolant issue

    Father in law caught some wire and tore a radiator hose on his 1.6 2009 ZETEC cmax, same engine that's in my focus. Long story short we got new hose and fitted it but car is heating up. Thermostat seems to be opening and rad fan kicks in about 99/100 degree Celsius , I had it connected to forscan to monitor engine temp ect as the dash gauge doesn't seem to be useful it just reads normal , the issue is it's over pressureizing and putting water back into coolant tank, when it's heated up the car won't start untill it cools down a little. Really having issues with this one, could it be air locked? Is there a way to bleed the system? Any input is very much welcome Thanks
  9. sonic113

    MK2.5 1,6 Zetec TIMING BELT

    Just an update. well its been a very long time getting around to this but eventually I could the Job completed at 125,112 miles on the clock lol! New water pump new timing belt new aux belts New bolts took me 2 evenings to get all finished (being i was outside and the weather was a complete dose lol) but I got there in the end and all is well at 150 miles of driving later. Thanks to all for your input and stefan especially mate. You were a big help. Thanks
  10. sonic113

    MK2.5 2009 Focus 1.6 zetec

    Just about to do the water pump as well with the cam-belt change and wanting to know does anybody know what the proper coolant/antifreeze is I need to get for this engine? Thanks
  11. sonic113

    Cam belt change

    I'm sitting at 124987 on mine now. Have had the belt kit since 90000 and still trying to get a chance to get it installed. Will have it done by next weekend though as The car wont be use so The weekend will be free.
  12. sonic113

    Loctite Thread Lock On Crank and cam bolts??

    Thanks wilco. Yes got all new bolts so will just fit as the guide states and not use any form of threadlock. Thanks
  13. After a long wait I'm ready to get the timing kit in this weekend 😁. So i was just wondering has any body used any type of thread lock on the New cam Bolts and The New crank bolt up refitting all? The manual doesn't mention it at all and from reading online it seems to have mixed reviews about using it so just wanted to get option from anyone here who has fitted timeing-belts on these fords. Thanks In advanced.
  14. sonic113

    Clicking noise inside of car when turning

    Hopefully it shows its face soon and you can get to the bottom of it. Keep us updated on how it goes anyways.
  15. sonic113

    Cam belt change

    Yunni did you do the belt yourself?