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  1. just an update, on further inspection the water pump is wrecked, its making a winding noise and when i had the belt and thermostat off you can feel the pump has got a little play in the bearing, no leaks though but the engine is overheating, so i dont think the pump is moving the coolant around quick enough. Is there any tests i can do on the pump before i remove it?
  2. Thanks fro response. I will re-bleed the system and hopefully that helps. will try to locate the breathe hoses and make sure nothing is blocked or damaged that may be adding to the build up of air in tank. Thanks
  3. Brother picked up a wee mk5 2003 1.2 Fiesta for work. It needs a little work but was overheating originally due to stuck thermostat so we replaced that and was still over heating when idling as the fan wasn't kicking in. Long story short the coolant temp sensor was done so replaced that and all seems well so far. Fan kicking in when it should and engine idling well ect. One of two issue I wanted to as about. 1) Inside car you can hear water like sound when reving/increasing engine speed behind the dash (water going through matrix I presume) is this normal as I have never heard it before on any ford I have owned. it seems to go away when engine is warm as far as i can tell. 2) when you remove the petrol cap there is a large hiss of vacum, more than normal it seems. Is there any valves or pipes i can check to make sure nothing is blocked or causing this or is this fine? Thanks in advanced
  4. all sorted, arrived and fitted within the hour. car feels a lot better. its wonderful what a new set of shocks can do. thanks to all for advice.
  5. 100% agree, That's sounds a decent price, I do all my own work i guess I could save on labour. I came across a autostore they are based in southhampton and see to do OE standard aftermarket parts, much like my own local factor only these fellas are charging a bit less than my local factors. I would say the Parts should be decent enough and a lot better than buying blind of ebay . Might put an order in later in week and wee how it goes. Thanks
  6. same here, they seems fine enough but the bounce when driving is starting to get very very annoying so think i will swap the out for new ones. any ideas on good set priced decent? local factors are looking £55 all in for a set, which is not too bad i think. Just going to price around first.
  7. Mk2 Focus us getting one a little now but still serving us very well. I noticed the car is very bouncy got at the rear and when driving its more noticeable and even when its parked and the kids are moving around in the seats i can feel it. I think its maybe time to renew the rear shocks. any advice? I have looked at the rear suspension and all else seems solid enough, the front is all 100% as well. Only issue is just the bouncy feel when driving (it seems to be coming from the rear) and she picks up every bump in the roads (not that the roads out my way are great to begin with) Thanks in advance.
  8. Yeah the rubber cover had come loose so I regreased and replaced cover. Also smeared a little grease in that pin as well. Like you say at least it will help it from sticking in hub next time I have to take it off. All is going well. Thanks
  9. Ok the steering was getting a little stiff in the MK2 so I discovered the issue was the track rod end ball joints, I put a little grease on the slider shaft then pipes.t back in the hub and tightened the nut up to right torque it has made a world of difference, steering is so easy now. My question is is a little greater in that part of the trackrod end ok? We are not talking a heap just a smear ? My way in thinking is that the but is tight so it cannot come loose. What's your thoughts?
  10. Update, clutch all fitted and fluids all in. So far no leaks so I must if did something correct lol! Car driving great , New clutch feels so light compared to old one, but maybe over time with a few 100 miles of driving it will change a little or I just need to get use to it. The old one was so heavy feeling and at the end it was wrecked lol!
  11. Thanks, hopefully get it sorted after work later .
  12. Yeah it is 2.3, I got more this morning so will it later. I know I should of measured how much I took out ,will make note for next time lol!. Do I just keep her level and fill untill it starts flowing out the fill plug?
  13. Ok little update I got all built back up tonight but it got late so I didn't get all finished. Just have to give it another bleed possibly and top up gearbox oil. Now saying that how much oil does the focus hold in the gear box? I made sure she was sitting level and I put 1 litre in of gearbox oil tonight but it seems like she will hold more as it's not flowing out of the refill hole yet, so plan to get another bottle in the morning.
  14. Thanks Ian, box is out at moment , just on a dinner break then will fit clutch and start the rebuild. Will update post later on progress .
  15. Ian your a life saver mate, Yes mine is the 1.6 petrol so I was thinking its the ib5 and so I wont need this then? according to the Haynes manual the petrol 1.4,1.6, & 1.8 are fitted with the IB5 and the 2.0 is fitted with the MTX 75. Looking at the clutch chapter in the Haynes manual its just says to apply a bed of sealant to the slave cylinder. is doesn't state which exact box? But on the Valeo link its states: so maybe it is just for the MTX75. Strange that it does not specify in the Haynes manual if the IB5 needs this. anyone with access to etis could you check this out for me to see if it states anything different? I think to be safe I will just pop some instant gasket around it, it can only help I suppose. Thanks