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  1. so use nothing else but the 3m type. have you any links where i can get some of this stuff? Thanks
  2. Really nice stuff. Good job. what carbon wrap did you use for the Stereo surround and does it hold up well especially with the heat inside car ect?
  3. some of the interior has gotten some scrapes ect over time mainly the silver trims areas, I had planned to remove and spray them but I'm looking at maybe trying out the carbon wrap stuff. Any one any tips or pics of using this stuff? whats the best stuff to use and any links ect? Thanks
  4. Just interested in these toe settings from the Haynes manual. Shown in minutes and degrees. So does this mean if the total toe on this axel is anything from 06 minutes to 15 minutes toe-in then it's correct? Basically 06 being the minimum and 15 being the maximum toe-in allowed? So anything Inbetween these values is acceptable? Thanks
  5. late update to this but I have all sorted. It was very easy to do, I managed to use another focus as a guide to mark the sleeves but on a closer look you could work it out from he old ones. been going great since.
  6. Update , double checked with another all is good.👍
  7. Can some1 check for me to see if these rear brake hose brackets are on the correct way round? I did a disassembly weeks ago and on the rebuild can figure out which side is which. I think they are as they seem to go one way. This view is the driver side rear.
  8. Just when we're here, I have new control arms installed . I will have to get the car realignment done but is there any neutral way to adjust these bolts untill then or does it not matter which which they go? At the moment I have them both facing the same way on both sides.
  9. Thanks fellas , helped me out s lot this evening, appreciate it. 👍👍
  10. So what shall it be 115 or 125NM? Or I hit it at 120NM that should so it.
  11. Rechecked no, still don't see it. Will have a Google and check
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