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  1. These sound good but I'm not sure about plastic to be honest. A friend had a set of those rhino plastic ones and they broke after a few uses. Could be a one of though. I have thought more about this and think I may keep it simple and build a custom wooden set like these. If these where made right I think they be the job. Will get some thoughts and it be a August project as I'm currently busy at moment with other stuff. Please let me know your thoughts.
  2. thanks all for the response. those 'lift & tilt' versions look a great job. i might actually hold off for a while and look into getting one of these instead funds depending. thanks again
  3. Same here, I always found them small for low cars but think they may be useful now for quick checks ect rather than pulling out the trolley jack. Not sure how those plastics ones would last , especially in the hot sun? Any one experience with these? Was thinking about welding a set up from box section/angle iron but the cost probably about the same as buying a premade set.
  4. Hope everyone is keeping well, for years been using the trolley jack and axel stands but recently was thinking about adding a set of ramps to the inventory. Something quick to pop car up on to work underside or even then if needed roll the jack/ stands under to remove a wheel ect There are so many types and styles, I'm looking something solid and wide enough for the tyre to sit nicely. Any recommendations or links? Thanks
  5. Just an update, got all fitted and everything is nice and smooth. Thanks to all for input.
  6. Thank Ian, just got them, seller accepted £10 less so overall good price, will just have to reuse my old abs senors.
  7. great stuff, I will have a look online and see of I can find this make for my focus. Other local factors only do That Vardakanti and comline, faq and Continental Direct, so will have a look around, Thanks
  8. Can anyone recommend a decent brand for rear wheel bearings for the mk2 2009 focus? 1.6 petrol model. I need one for the bad probably will renew both, got a set from local factors some brand vorkanti but they lasted a month and are cheap s###t. So now have to renew again so goin to go with a decent brand. Thanks
  9. Can any one recommend a decent set if bulbs that's how good light. Had a few cheap ones from local factors but they don't last and after a while are full. A few rules though they NEED to be 100% road and MOT legal, need to be exact for the focus mk2.5 headlight unit as in correct wattage ect so they don't damage the unit. Links and recommendations welcome. Thanks
  10. No just a bearing noise, it's like a kind of him or drone type noise but it can chance tone depending on in the weight on each whee. Or example when turning a sharp corner ect. Some people I know won't chance them untill they are showing play but I personally swap them if they are noisy or if they feel by hand they are rough in motion. The old escorts you could grease them if they were noisy and even tighented a little but the focus wheel bearing are sealed as a hub unit so just a replace if they go.
  11. The car is 11 year old, I have had it for 8 Years its done 145,000 miles and still going great, Rear wheel bearing were just starting to get worn, no play but when up on ramp and turned by hand they felt very rough and grindy, on certain road you could here them starting to make noise so decided to swap them out. Every year I do an detail check on family cars and replace stuff as soon as I think they need to be replaced, same goes for services ect. Have always done this with all cars in family for years and I find looking after them from time to time is cheaper and they give no bother, a little bit like ourselves lol!
  12. Got sorted this evening and renewed both sides. Size was 12 (I think.... ) Old hubs came out ok but one side had to be cut due to a bolt being too corroded. Glad it's all sorted anyways . Thanks all.
  13. Does anyone know the socket size for the rear wheel bearing hubs on the Mk 2.5 focus 2009 model? Need to replace bearing but need to get a torx style female socket to fit it. Thanks
  14. just an update, on further inspection the water pump is wrecked, its making a winding noise and when i had the belt and thermostat off you can feel the pump has got a little play in the bearing, no leaks though but the engine is overheating, so i dont think the pump is moving the coolant around quick enough. Is there any tests i can do on the pump before i remove it?
  15. Thanks fro response. I will re-bleed the system and hopefully that helps. will try to locate the breathe hoses and make sure nothing is blocked or damaged that may be adding to the build up of air in tank. Thanks