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  1. Car Mats

    I have always used carpet type mats but need new ones now so was thinking about getting the rubber type ones. Are the rubber type ones better and more practical do you think?
  2. Cam belt

    Stef Have you any video tutorials on changing the cam belt? They be useful as a helping hand when doing the job. cheers
  3. Cam belt

    Sorry For late reply. Yes I got the tool kit as well, I just picked them all up in parts at different times of Amazon ect just like Micro has listed in his post. I did have some images sent to me by another member on here (I think it was stef )a good while back but have misplace them but they where identical to the ones in this link as far as I remember, Also I plan to renew the cam bolts as well and with the original ford kit you don't get the crank bolt but there are three sizes as far as I know so I plan to just get the three and then pick the correct one when I take mine out. Here are the links for those. Cam Bolts + washer https://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_bolt_and_washer_f_1444182.htm Crank Bolt 1 https://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_focus_mk1__zetec_crankshaft_pulley_bolt_1998-2005_f_1057134_c_372.htm Crank Bolt 2 https://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_focus_zetec_crankshaft_pulley_bolt_445mm_1998-2005_f_1406755_c_372.htm Crank Bolt 3 https://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_bolt_f_1677517.htm http://replace-timing-belt.com/how-to-replace-timing-belt-on-ford-focus-1-6i-2007-2011_/ Hope this helps, I plan to take a few pics and maybe make a guide when I do mine to help others here but as I mentioned I wont get at mine until spring hits as weather here is not great at moment .
  4. Dash cam advice!

    I know what you mean, if you stick with uk sellers its half the battle but seriously its a great little camera easy to get installed, there is a guide on here somewhere for hard wiring it into car which I would recommend for any cam as it a lots better that using up the power sockets and having wires trailing every where.
  5. Cam belt

    I have the same engine and have the kit here. Awaiting better weather to fit it lol! I opt for the genuine ford belt kit and the water pump just to be on the safe side plan to replace the lot at the one time as others have said you don't want to pump to give issues after ripping all down to replace the belt ect. Just do all at the one time and thats it Goodluck
  6. Dash cam advice!

    Hi Ben I haven't been on here in a while but I recommend the Mobius dash cam, I have had it for many years now with no issues at all. The software is great and simple to use and regularly gets updates to add new features ect but the cam itself is so small and Deseret , I have it hardwired to my focus and position behind the rear view mirror, cant be seen at all from inside of car and its very hidden from outside as well. Its also got a motion sense recording (Parked mode as some call it) which is very handy indeed, At some point i will get another for the rear window, There have been many models since I bought mine and since dash cams have become more popular but I just anted a basic cam, good quality, reliable, very discret and that does hat it supposed to do and I found that with the mobius, I highly recommend. Here is a but do shot around as it has many deals and packages ect. http://www.carcamerashop.co.uk/mobius-action-camera-dash-cam-version.html
  7. wheel nut sizes

    Pete how are these wheel nuts holding up now? Im looking into getting a set as well as the plastic caps to help with the look. Cheers
  8. Aux Drive Belt

    cheers stefan
  9. Aux Drive Belt

    100% Stefan agree, I got the genuine ford kit with the new pump and bolts to go. also plan on getting a new crank and 2 new cam bolts as well. Would it better to also stick some instant gasket on the pump seal when doing it or would it be fine when tightened up? hey chris, yes the kit numver is 1780142 and includes the timine belt,tensioner and pump, gasket and bolts all for £116 which is a fantastic price vs my local ford parts department. Here is a link and delivery is pretty quick as well. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Ford-C-Max-Mondeo-Focus-Fiesta-Timing-Cam-Belt-Kit-Water-Pump-1780142/162205729798?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 https://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_focus_14_and_16_duratec_timing_belt_and_water_pump_kit_f_1780142_c_589.htm Hope this helps cheers
  10. Aux Drive Belt

    ooops Sorry I thought that was for one belt. I haven't actually looked into it properly as I have been flat out busy with other things at home so i just got the timing belt kit from ford and I'm ready to install but wanted to get new aux belts as well to renew them when I'm at it. Yeah that's a good price for the whole kit (2 belts and fitting tools), I will pick that one up. Thanks Also since i will be replacing the water pump as well can any one recommend a good antifreeze? cheers
  11. Aux Drive Belt

    I thought that but was not 100% sure lol!. are they really needed? also does anyone know if this belt can be got a little cheaper anywhere? I was thinking it would be around the £15 mark,
  12. Aux Drive Belt

    Hey fellas just about to tackle the timing belt and decided to renew the aux belt when I'm at it. I got this one from a part number at ford https://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_focus_drive_belt_kit_16l_zetec_and_16_duratec_petrol_2007_f_1708273.htm are these easy to slip on and I was expecting it just to have the belt on its own but see that this has extra stuff any ideas what they are for? Cheers Sonic
  13. Mk2 Focus Front Break discs Size

    Just an update here, They arrived today and I fitted them this evening. All seems well and braking is perfect. I will update later on in time if they warp ect but so far so good. Really good value. Thanks David for the recommendation.
  14. Mk2 Focus Front Break discs Size

    Just came across these and think they should fit ok? Price seems decent enough. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-MINTEX-FRONT-BRAKE-DISCS-AND-PAD-SET-BRAKE-BOX-MDK0239-/362022839529?fits=Model%3AFocus|Cars+Year%3A2009&epid=1505580415&hash=item544a3e24e9:g:4woAAOSw2zZZh37z#shpCntId Might try these mintex out and see how they go.
  15. Mk2 Focus Front Break discs Size

    any links to these Albert27? Thanks to all who replied yes it seems that they are 278m I had commline discs fitted with alliped nippon pads last year but this warped on me and so that's why I'm changing them out. Got them from Local motor factors and they are selling same ones when I checked yesterday so im gonna try different ones just to see.