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  1. Hi it gets worse on closer inspection the driver side his saturated also,thus why the back is,anyone any ideas why.
  2. Hi I need some help,yesterday I noticed behind my driver seat the footwell was saturated,my warranty ran out 3 days back,I still rang ford customer service kicking off apparently the warranty only covers you for a year on leaks!! I could cry to be honest,it's taken 4 kitchen rolls to soak it all up.I will now have to take it in to a ford garage to sort it,unless anyone else has had this problem.Please help someone :)
  3. Hi hope some can help,I've have a 2010 ford fiesta,up until this morning every things was fine,until I discovered behind my drivers seat the footwell was saturated (3 kitchen rolls later still very damp) Has anyone else had this problem? I rang up ford complaining only to find out that my warranty had ran out,also leakages where only covered for a year which is a total joke.
  4. Door open error on dash constantly

    cheers pal,must admit its the only trouble i've had in 2 years,compared to a fiat bravo I used to have,never again on the fiat front,I really can't fault this fiesta apart fro this glitch.
  5. Door open error on dash constantly

    I think its the one in the boot but I cannot find on line anywhere i could buy a courtesy switch can anyone help,with suggested sites?
  6. Door open error on dash constantly

    Can that be replaced by myself or will i have to take into a garage. thanks for your reply
  7. Hi hope someone can help,the door open error on my dash is constantly on and keeps randomly setting my alarm off,i've closed all the door,but still the error keeps showing on the dash,it's driving me crazy can anyone help?