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  1. Fiesta Coil Spring

    Hi all, I thought I would update you on the situation as you took the time out to help me. I contacted Kwik to break down the quote they gave me: Spring £76 (they say that includes fitting) Shock £112 (not sure if that's fitting inc) Top mount £35 (not sure if that inc fitting) Alignment £45 (not sure if that inc fitting) That doesn't even come to the £315 they quoted and by this point I was angry and told them I am organising a pickup for the car and I will not be using their services. The tow cost me £30 and the garage managed to fit it for £80 inc parts. All in all I have saved £205 thanks to stef123 especially. I am still very angry at kwikfit and I am considering what action to take against kwikfit, if any. Thanks again
  2. Fiesta Coil Spring

    Really appreciate your response, that helps me out a lot. I didn't realise they needed to remove all the parts to replace the spring anyway. Yes this is just for one side. After reading your post i think i will have it towed to a different garage, i may get lucky and save myself £100 even paying for the towing costs.
  3. Fiesta Coil Spring

    Hi, thanks for replying. Yes front coil. Well, the original cost was for just the coil but the new quotes include other parts due to bolts eroding and damaged threads which are preventing them from just fitting the front coil.
  4. Fiesta Coil Spring

    Hi, I have a fiesta 05, 1.2 engine, manual, petrol and I am in need of some advice, on xmas eve i went to reverse the car out of the drive when i heard a grinding noise from the wheel arch. I stopped and looked behind the wheel and notice the coil has snapped. In desperation (Mrs is ready to go into labour at anytime!) i took it to th eonly garage that was open on Saturday - Kwikfit, they quoted £120 to replace it, little more expensive than i hoped but in the circumstances i agreed. When the car was delivered to Kwikfit that morning they rang back and said they couldn't get the part till tomorrow and after having a look, it is worse than expected. He mentioned about erroded bolts and threads have gone and will need more new parts. Having looked at the diagram of the suspension i believe he is referring to the bearing plate above the strut? The new quote is a little over £320. Has anyone heard of this happening before? Is it common, i am in two minds of getting it towed to a 'proper' local garage, I have been quoted £30 for towing it. Any ideas, advice will be much appreciated. thanks,
  5. Zetec S 2006 1.6

    I really appreciate your info. It has helped, maybe it's not going to be as bad as I was expecting. I might just go for the 1.6 petrol! If anyone else has had one longer and can add to trikidy's info that would be good.
  6. Zetec S 2006 1.6

    This is great, thanks for all your help. Trikidy - So from your informationa and using the calc below a 90 mile round trip might be about £13.50. Up about £3.50 from my current citroen saxo 1.1. http://www.fuel-economy.co.uk/calc.shtml I wonder if i could drive conservatively during the week to save a bit and have a bit of fun on weekends ;) Trikidy - Would you recommend buying one?
  7. Zetec S 2006 1.6

    Hi all, I am thinking about taking the plunge tomorrow by buying a 1.6 zetec s 56 plate petrol. I currently do a 90 mile commute, all pretty much on motorway. I know with the high mileage I should be sensible and get a diesel but I am tempted to buy the petrol to have something a little more fun to drive. Before making the final decision I was wondering if anyone who has one or has had one and done a lengthy commute wouldn't mind helping me out in giving me a rough idea of how much it would cost in fuel. Especially a comparison with the diesel version would be hugely helpful. I know it depends on the driving style but lets say it sits at 70 all the way. thanks
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums webinteractions :)