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  1. Rf Receiver Location?

    Found it, it is in the roof, next to the interior light.
  2. Rf Receiver Location?

    Isn't that where the keyless module (KVM) is?
  3. Rf Receiver Location?

    Evening All, Does anyone know the location of the central locking/keyless RF receiver on the Mk2 Focus/Kuga? Is it in the roof? It is hard to tell from the workshop manual? Thanks in advance. Ben
  4. Newer Style Keyless Remote?

    Thanks for the reply. I have been through ecat and the only thing I can find that is different is the holder for the key in the steering column due to it being able to hold the whole key should the battery die in the remote and also the antenna that is located else where in the car is different. Both these part coincide with the release of the later style key. The transmitter round the steering column is the same. 2008 to mid 2011 antenna - 6G9T-15K602-AB or 6G9T-15K602-AC or 6G9T-15K602-AD Mid 2011 on antenna - 6G9T-15K602-BA or 6G9T-15K602-BB I am guessing if you change the antenna it will work?
  5. Newer Style Keyless Remote?

    Good Evening All, Has anyone with this older style keyless remote Managed to have this newer style coded to their car? Thanks,
  6. Mk2 Facelift - Retrofitting Bi Xenon Headlights

    I have done it on a Kuga. Swapped the motors over to the halogen versions and they work, although I retro fitted a auto levelling system too.
  7. Coding In Two New Remotes

    I can get hold of the PATS in and out codes, it is just having the equipment to do it. I have two of the later style fobs I want coding to the car.
  8. Coding In Two New Remotes

    Good Afternoon All, Does anyone know of a company (other than Ford) that can code in new fobs on the later keyless models in the Kent/Essex area? I had one guy come out but he couldn't do it as it had the later security access. Thanks in advance, Ben
  9. Retro Fit Of Oem Xenon Headlights To Mk2/2.5

    Thanks, :) Did you have to swap any pins around?
  10. Retro Fit Of Oem Xenon Headlights To Mk2/2.5

    No one?
  11. 06 Ford Focus Mk2 Welcome Lights

    He want's the "coming home/leaving home" function when locking/unlocking the car. So when you unlock it the dipped beam comes on and when you get out the car the dipped beam stays on for a short period after you lock it. Like on VAG models. As mentioned above you have to manual activate this by pulling the left stalk towards you before exiting the car. There is nothing to activate this when locking/unlocking in ELMconfig. I wish there was as I would like the same. Don't suppose anyone has worked out how to wire this into work off the locking/unlocking system? Think it is something UCDS need to look into, as I am sure if could be done through the GEM if you have the ability to reprogram it.
  12. Afternoon All, To those that have retrofitted OEM xenon headlights to their Focus and already had the 10 pin connectors, what have you done with the levelling? The pin configuration is the same between halogen and xenon if you have the 10 pin connectors on the halogen lights but the manual levelling doesn't work once you fit the Xenon's. I believe this is because the 4 wire servo motors work differently to the halogen 3 wire stepper motors. Have you switched the wires round to get the manual levelling to work with the xenon motor or swapped the motors and put the halogen motor in the xenon lamp unit? Thanks in advance,
  13. Problems After Recon Turbo Install

    This will more than likely be the VNT's or actuator not set up properly when the turbo has been re-con'd. Seen it so many times.
  14. Focus Mk 1 Water Leak Into Boot Area, With Pics

    Not every time you use the rear washer jet is it? Around the rear lamps is known to leak too.
  15. Focus Mk 1 Water Leak Into Boot Area, With Pics

    You might want to make sure they are clipped in properly too. They remove from the outside not inside. You might be able to get to them from between the arch liner and the body.