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  1. spare for smax with 18" y spoke & tpms

    Hi Thanks for all the replies. I have now sourced a full size alloy rim to take on my trip. I have had two new tyres put on the front and salvaged one of the tyres to put on the spare alloy rim. The tyre people said, that if needed, I could put the spare on, but it will not have a tpms sensor, so the display should just show it as a blank reading.
  2. Hi All. Can anyone advise if there is a way of temporarily converting the adaptive style headlights on my 07 S-max 2.5t with x pack. I live in the U.K and am planning atrip to mainland Europe where I may have to drive at night. I know you can get the stick on external masks but I am unsure if this will work with adaptive headlights. I did read something about a way of temporarliy changing reversing the beam but am unsure if this can be done DIY. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  3. Hi. Can anyone advise of any pitfalls on obtaining a full size spare to use, instead of the can of gunk. My 07 s-max 2.5t with 'x' pack option also has the TPMS system fitted and I do not know how this would be affected when diy changing a wheel. I dont mind keeping a full size alloy spare instead of a steel or spacesaver if this deals with the TPMS system better. any help would be appreciated as am planning avery long trip from th UK to the Algarve. Thanks.