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  1. hi all how do u use fords ids-vcm to check fuel pressure and what ever else needs checking on a 2005 focus st-3 ??, I've got a focus st with mil light on and to fault codes p0087 and p2178, a local garage has ford diagnostics kit, but he used to using a snap-on kit, its there a uses guide for using ids-vcm ? Or do any1 know how to check or what to check for low fuel pressure using fords diagnostics kit on my st ?? Thanks all
  2. Whoosing Noise From Petrol Tank Focus St

    what is causing this ? Fuel pump ? Fuel rail ? Injections ? Sensor ?
  3. Whoosing Noise From Petrol Tank Focus St

    thanks For all replys, I've hade it on a proper Ford diagnostics but don't rink the bloke new what he was doing, can any1 recommend a good garage in the west midlands where I can take it to check the fuel pump and fuel pressure ??? Thanks
  4. hi all I've got a 2005 focus st-3 engine management light on 2 fault codes p0087 and p2178 in limp mode only boosting to quater on boost gauge, now a strange whoosing noise comes out the petrol tank when I remove the petrol cap like a blowing or sucking noise, any advice or suggesting please. Thanks in advance.
  5. 2005 Focus St Help Please

    Hi all got a 2005 55reg focus st3, only owned it a day and the engines management light came on, two fault codes p0087 p2178, cleared the faults drove about 20 miles light came back on and I think the car went into limp mode as hardley any boost, I took the kam fuse out for half hour and the mil light went out drove another 20 miles the next day and the light back on with fault code p0087, I've searched Google and its saying change the fuel filter, there Is not a fuel filter fitted to the mk2 focus, does any1 have any ideas wot it could be ?, I'm thinking maby the fuel pressure sensor? Or maby fuel pump ?, any advice or suggesting would be great thanks in advanced.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums HOTTIGGER :)