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  1. Side Light Wire Colour On A Focus Mk 2.5

    Haha, like a spaceship! I was thinking about those door handle leds. They seem cool and pretty straight forward to fit.
  2. Side Light Wire Colour On A Focus Mk 2.5

    .They dont glow as bright as shown in the picture. The light stays in the footwell area. Had them in my last car too. I had blinding xenons in my last car too lol. No one really cares. They even pass MOT.
  3. Hey guys, I attempted to replace the number plate bulbs with no luck. Could t even get the holder out. I clipped it out from the right but it just didnt want to drop all the way :/ am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance
  4. Side Light Wire Colour On A Focus Mk 2.5

    Here we are :)
  5. Side Light Wire Colour On A Focus Mk 2.5

    Sorry wrong one got uploaded in last post
  6. Side Light Wire Colour On A Focus Mk 2.5

    Finally done !!! Lots of fiddling around but done :) fit these door sills while I was at it, thats two more mods out of the day :) This is with them powered. Will upload a better picture in a little while! Thanks everyone for the help. Much appreciated! :D
  7. Side Light Wire Colour On A Focus Mk 2.5

    I managed to connect the lives but im having a bit of trouble with the earth. Theres an earth just under the drivers door covers which had something earthed there already. I tried to loosen it but the cars trip computer totally switched off. Is it safe to earth it to this bolt? Also I would have done the ignition barrel but mines covered and not in use anyway. I have the push button start :)
  8. Side Light Wire Colour On A Focus Mk 2.5

    Any ideas on where i can connect the negative to? I understand its the bottom most left one that il connect the positive wire to?
  9. Side Light Wire Colour On A Focus Mk 2.5

    Thanks for shedding some light on that pal. Will give that a go today
  10. wondering if anyone can help me here, im wanting to wire up some led foot wells to the side lights. So they come on when my sidelights are switched on. I managed to strip the car enough to feed the wires through but im not sure which wire or wires control the sidelights? Therefore not sure which to connect to. Can anyone help me out please? I have uploaded a couple images of the control block from behind the headlight control switch if thats of help at all to anyone. Cheers
  11. Introducing Myself :)

    Hey everyone! New to the world of club forums. I am a proud owner of a ford focus Zetec S (2010) big move up from my previous MK1. Pictures will be up soon :)
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums lionhart_27 :)