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  1. No hassle :) Send a few pictures to mikecoughlan@myself.com 2004 Ford Fusion 3 TDCI.
  2. If you'd like to send me a picture of the wiring do. For the DVD player/ Sat Nav that was in mine there was the power,neutral, antenna, dimmer wire (night time driving), handbrake wire and many more.. I didn't have to use a lot of them!
  3. Just to turn it on? Have you wired it up? 2004 Ford Fusion 3 TDCI.
  4. Hahahaha! She honestly never gave me a single bit of trouble a day in my life.. Well.. When she did it was my own fault! :L The Fusion was my first car and I think it's after hooking me to Fords for life, thought it was finally time to get something with a bit more power and aesthetic appeal however! 2004 Ford Fusion 3 TDCI.
  5. Well not really.. as far as me and the Fusion go anyway :( You'll be happy to know I'm sticking with Ford however, should be picking up a 2007 model Mondeo at the end of the week. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has helped me and who I've talked to on the Ford Fusion side of the forum for the last two years :) It's been an absolute pleasure! Wish you all the best with your motoring in the future! Mike Coughlan
  6. Looks great tbh.. You did a good job on it! Fair play to you sir 2004 Ford Fusion 3 TDCI.
  7. Hi Amunro, the Fusion and Mk6 Fiesta are almost identical but you'll be able to find parts and answers much easier for the Fiesta.. when googling type in Fiesta Mk6 instead of Fusion and with a bit of luck you should find your answer! 2004 Ford Fusion 3 TDCI.
  8. I'd love an Irish meet! Hopefully there's a few more on FOC 2004 Ford Fusion 3 TDCI.
  9. Never heard of anyone getting errors from blanking and I only have positives to say about it! He's dead right about the cheaper ones breaking up however! And if you're going to get one make sure it's a full block and not one with a little hole.. These go against the whole point of blocking it! Just make sure to get a Stainless Steel Block and I highly doubt you'll have any problems 2004 Ford Fusion 3 TDCI.
  10. Always had same problem as the OP, they're just cheap clips holding them onto the car.. Mines now stuck on with Double-Sided sticky tape to strengthen it up and that's worked perfect over the last few years! 2004 Ford Fusion 3 TDCI.
  11. It's actually pretty simple! You'd surprise yourself :) 2004 Ford Fusion 3 TDCI.
  12. Is it a 1.6TDCi? If so to combat the turbo lag try an EGR Blanking Plate.. Cost about £5 and certainly wakes the Fusion up a bit! You could easily install it yourself too 2004 Ford Fusion 3 TDCI.
  13. Welcome to the Club! Great choice.. My favourite model Fusion. Happy motoring! 2004 Ford Fusion 3 TDCI.
  14. Don't think the Mk5 springs will fit the Fusion unfortunately 2004 Ford Fusion 3 TDCI.
  15. What a beauty! Would have kept the wing mirrors black but that's just my humble opinion! Excellent job! 2004 Ford Fusion 3 TDCI.