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  1. Thanks George. I've been working through the battery connectors etc this afternoon and everything externally seems ok so far. I was thinking the same regarding getting a PCM second hand but from a little digging it seems that the config/software that is on the fitted one has to be re-installed on the new one. Apparently they are almost coded to the car (not exactly but you know what I mean). Will have to check the connectors to the PCM tomorrow and see what happens from there. Its annoying as well as the code reader I have doesn't show any codes stored at all. So I dont know if either the code is no longer there, cleared by the garage or the actual suspected fault is stopping my reader from seeing it..... The joys of new cars, give me my old MK2 escort anyday :P
  2. Looking for a bit of advice here please guys before I possibly have to spend mega cash on my new CMAX. Background: Bought a 2004 CMAX 1.8 Zetec (Petrol) a short while ago with 68k on the clock. I've started to notice that its hesitating sometimes when I put my foot down and that the rev's sometimes "stick" high when idling then return to normal. MPG has also been a bit lower than I would have expected, around 30mpg, on the couple of motorway runs that I've completed so far. No warning lights or anything on the dash to indicate any issues. Took it into the local Ford dealers and had a Major service (plugs, filters etc) and it seemed to improve things a little but not completely. I've replaced all the coil packs thinking that it might be one of them breaking down but, again no luck solving the hesitation. Anyway long and the short of it is I took it into the dealers this morning for them to have a look at it thinking it might be the Throttle body needing a clean etc and have been told that it needs a new PCM - £1400s worth of work I really need some advice as to if there is anything else that could cause a fault code P0603 - PCM KAM error and what the hell it actually means as the guy on the service front desk didn't really know himself. What does the KAM memory actually store and if I have to drive the car for a month before getting it fixed is it going to cause more expensive issues. The copy of the diagnostics sheet that I have says the following: ================================================================ Description - P0603 PCM KAM error Major memory corruption. No more KAM data can be saved at key OFF or restored at key ON. This DTC may be caused by : Faulty or Damaged PCM. ================================================================= If I have to pay out the £1400 then so be it BUT I really want to make sure that its 100% required before parting with that much hard earned cash. The annoying thing is that so far the car actually drives pretty well apart from this occasional hesitation and the low MPG.
  3. Just a quick Hello from Medway. Had fords for years from when I first passed my test and now back after a short break with another manufacturer. Drive an '04 C-Max Zetec 1.8 Petrol and its been going great for the first couple of weeks. Now having a few technical "issues" which I'll tryand find the right place to post about. Cheers, Paul
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Quball42 :)