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  1. Hi Guys, I want to get a live 25amp power feed from the battery to a separate fuse box inside my 2004 Focus, It's to run radio equipment that pulls more than the 10amp ciggy plugs allow. I've had a look but can't find an easy way through the bulkhead, any ideas please before I get mad and wack a drill through something I shouldn't... I'm hoping some one has installed ice and had to get big cables through... Cheers for looking, Mike
  2. Focus clutch sqeaking

    Yeh, mine goes well enough and handles well, brake squeal on mine goes when they've warmed up, only get it on damp/wet days. ya gotta luv Fords at least the heater works after about 100yrds :D
  3. winter

    Yeh mine too, i live on a farm estate, tractors and wagons knocking all the banks down, mud every where, fancy a 4x4 for winter fun B)
  4. Yep go for the Focus, I love mine, only a 1600 but i get 40mpg even with aircon on and plenty roomy, late one has even bigger boot space too.
  5. Avatar change

    Hi folk, can anybody tell me why i can't change my avatar please, i've replaced my Ka with a Focus Edge and tried to update my pic but it won't change....new photo is sized and excepted but won't change over, i've deleted old one...signed out...tried it every which way but loose and it still puts up the pic of the Ka any ideas please any body, cheers Mike
  6. Avatar change

    Thanks, you were right, reopened browser and it's there, not a very good pic though, Cheers, Mike
  7. winter

    Yes me too, rather have it dry and cold at least you can get on with stuff.
  8. winter

    I reckon it's going to be very wet...thats in between the showers and the occasional storms..ow ar, thats what i think lad. ;)
  9. Focus clutch sqeaking

    Well mine does it too, same age and mileage! first did it pulling out of my sons drive a bit quick turning right...thought it was tyre squeal from the unloaded tyre. :D soon discovered it did it occasionally in a straight line and is most likely the clutch thrust :(
  10. I don't know what cost is involved with a plan but my local Fraud dealer wanted over £200.oo for first service on my new Ka .. My local garage did it using ford parts to keep up the warranty for under £90.oo, plus you get a more personal service..pun intended ;)
  11. Info needed on Mk1 granada

    According to the Ford owners club first production was December 1971 and introduced in 1972
  12. Making you aware

    I checked out the name and saw he was banned so didn't open it, the joys of the interweb thingy i guess, and the mods do their best to put a stop to it, cheers Vinny
  13. Newbie Needs Help!

    Adjustable steering columns are available on the Ka, mine has one!
  14. KA parts

    Mine's on Pi lowering springs 35mm progressive and work well, available from all good after market stores on the interweb thingy.
  15. What Oil for 1.3 Duratec

    My book says 5/30 semi synthetic, it's an 07 durotec
  16. clutch problem

    Difficult to diagnose a noise with out hearing it but if it goes when you push clutch down it must be in the mechanism, my Ka makes no noise at all so i would say take it back before it's out of warranty. wouldn't effect acceleration unless clutch is slipping, take it back and grumble at 'em i say.
  17. Started off in '64 with Dads Zodiac, had at least 2 of every model Zodiac and then the Granadas over the years, plus the usual Anglias, Cortinas, Capris, 2 Corsairs, Escorts, Fiestas, never had or driven a Sierra, most of them got modified strayed to other makes now and then but back with a Ka now, Lowered of course...still like to play
  18. When's The Sun Coming Out?

    Yeah Louisa, suns out, Roof Down? :D
  19. noise coming from wheel

    They should of found a wheel bearing problem on mot, more likely to be a constant velocity joint on a drive shaft if it's on slow turns, wheel bearing will rumble on bends and go quiet on the straight....til it gets real bad.
  20. clutch problem

    Sounds like clutch thrust bearing rattling when not under load, unusual at that age though, why didn't you report it on first service?
  21. Mine played up when i left boot undone with out realizing it It fooled me for a few days as boot didn't rattle!!
  22. When's The Sun Coming Out?

    Aw c'mon you don't need sun, we've had loads of dry days, roof down hat on and enjoy the fresh air. :D B)

    I've heard some new wiring systems don't like leds, is this a problem that arose after towbar was fitted? try putting standard bulbs back in, if it still does it go back to the towbar fitter, apologies if you have already tried this.
  24. Need opinon

    Don't know it's value, is it worth you getting a new lock set perhaps or don't you love it any more :(
  25. Ka Owners Manual

    http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/baconbits98&...:MEFSX:SELLERID Got mine from here, fast service, worth a look.