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  1. Engine Malfunction Help Please :(

    you could try plugging it in and see if you get a fault code?
  2. Limp Home Mode After Filling Up With Fuel?

    hi, thanks for the replies and sorry for taking so long to come back (i had to go to work) anyway i fill up to full when i get empty which is about once a month and depending on what offers are around. i don.t think its sludge ive replaced the fuel filter and its too 'only the day i fill up' to be sludge. mass airflow stuff i'm interested in i think it is electrical cos it seems to re-set itself just got to work out which bit? nick
  3. hello all, first of all does the 97 1.9 td have a limp home mode fitted? because after filling up with fuel about 5 to 10 minutes down the road thats what the car seems to do..have a lack of power.. if you stop the car and leave it it works ok again but it seems the longer you leave it the better it is and certainly the next day it works fine. until you fill it up again days and weeks later. ive changed the fuel filter and put some injector cleaner in which are good but not solving what it is. it does seem to go like a switch being flicked you can still drive it but with very limited power.. any ideas and all suggestions greatfully recieved nick
  4. hello all my name is nick and am a long time ford man working my way through all the usual suspects throughout the years. my current model is the 97 galaxy 1.9 td which i'll be seeking advice about shortly in the galaxy section so please have a look thanks nick
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums nickmac73 :)

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      thankyou great site ;0)