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  1. Dumb Question..maybe ?

    Sorry for the question but what is the 6.5 ?.. what years did that run for My wife hasnt actually got the car but she wants one without the frog eyed headlights. We cant afford the new one Thanks
  2. Dumb Question..maybe ?

    Quite right..just realised when I took snapshots that the bonnets are different !! ( see attached ) Is no retro fit smooth glass..I would guess not.. anyway worth asking
  3. Dumb Question..maybe ?

    As you know the headlight shape changed on the fiesta from around 2010 I think. The prior model had protruding headlights whereas the new one is smooth to the body.. so..the dumb question Is there anyway to retro fit the smooth headlights to the older model My wife loves the drive and the general look of the 2006-2010 fiesta but HATES the headlamps ..ok now I will wait for the answer and wait to be humiliated ! Cheers
  4. Recommendation ?

    Thanks for the advice so far
  5. Recommendation ?

    Sent Yesterday, 09:13 PM Hi, I have just bought a 2002 Focus 1.6 Ghia (FSH) for myself and my son learn in. It drives really well but has too niggly problems.. one the car vibrates through the steering wheel on idle but not above around 1500 revs two the gear selection seems a bit vague ( but not the clutch ). I took it to a local garage who checked the obvious ( engine mountings etc ) but couldnt find any cause.. can you recommend a well priced independent or individual expert in cheshire/staffordshire that might be able to help ?.. thanks Peter ( Sandbach ) Reply Report
  6. Hello And Advice

    osted Today, 07:51 PM I have literally just picked up a 2002 focus 1.6 Ghia 16v which I was planning to use for my son to learn to drive in but to be honest I might keep it myself ! Its got FSH, 83k miles and drives great The gearbox seems a bit vague ( not the clutch ) so I guess I will have it look into that before my son starts using it..any clues as to how to analyse / fix this or is this normal ?
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums smallzoo :)