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  1. Climate Controls - Analogue for Digital

    Might be a case of buying a heater matrix unit to work with the digital controls as well as wiring loom. Probably a lot of work and hassle - looked into it myself too lol
  2. Ignition live help

    Behind radio is ignition live. Best source to use i think. Yellow or red wire but i cant remember which one it is.
  3. Window tinting

    SCR audio near heathrow are pretty good.
  4. Roof bars

    I may have some for sale. Depends what you are after. Message me.
  5. Underseat Subwoofer

    Has anyone got one of these underseat type active subwoofers in their focus mk2? Im interested to see how good they are as i would like a bit more bass. Leaning towards a Vibe Optisound at moment. Reviews and opinions would be appreciated.
  6. Focus Underseat sub

    Would you be able to send me the guide too? I am interested in fitting one in my car also.
  7. Focus Detachable Towbar

  8. Focus Detachable Towbar

    I brought a towsure brand as it was cheapest. I will try and get a pic to show you. Does the job but looks wise it is rather annoying that it is on show.
  9. Focus Detachable Towbar

    I have a detachable towbar on my mk2.5. It is brillant but only downside is that it doesnt seem hidden like i wanted it to be. Was so easy fit and took about half a day as wiring took a bit of time.
  10. Fitting A Dimmer Switch To A Mk2/2.5 Focus

    Havent yet brought a dimmer control switch yet but thinking about it. I have a dim lighting wire from the gauge but was unsure where to connect to. The gauge is bright at night compared with the usual speedo lighting.
  11. Fitting A Dimmer Switch To A Mk2/2.5 Focus

    Thanks for that. Do you know what wire controls the dimmer? I am trying to get my aftermarket gauges to the same brightness as main speedo
  12. Fitting A Dimmer Switch To A Mk2/2.5 Focus

    How much brighter does the gauges go compared to when the car was stock without the dimmer control?
  13. Wow this is going to be one of a kind! Are you getting the styling kits made or doing it yourself?

    Would a compactitor that is used for car audio systems do anything to hold the charge longer?
  15. Guide: How To Change Cabin Filter

    That is correct as I have just done mine.