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  1. Thanks for your reply Clive. When I say the child lock I don't mean the one where you have to turn it with a key inside the edge of the door. I mean the button/switch which is encorporated within the inside door handle. I don't think I'm making much sense here, is there anyway to upload a photo on here?
  2. Haha YES it could be due to the fact that the maximum of 6 phones used. In fact it WAS!!! Thanks Thomas (know anything about central locking lol) :D
  3. Hi, new to forum so may not use correct lingo, but I have two problems with my much loved S-Max and wondered if anyone could throw any light on them for me please; 1. Yesterday I was unable to open the rear passenger door. After investigating inside (as I could open all other doors fine), I noticed the manual child lock switch on the door handle was switched on (I never use it normally). I tried to switch off, but it seems to be stuck on the lock position. You can neither open the door from the outside or the inside. GGGrrr 2. Had my old mobile connected fine to the bluetooth, however, after purchasing an iPhone I cannot seem to connect to bluetooth (bluetooth fine on phone with other devices). Is there a compatibility issue known? Any help gratefully received. Thanks.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums H.Evans :)