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  1. Need White Fog Lights, Not Hid

    How about LED bulbs? If so have a look on horizonleds.co.uk for some. Other than the Philips Bluevision are as white as you will get with halogens.
  2. White Bulbs

    Philips BuleVision are pure white. I use them and they match my 6000k LEDS. They light up white, not blue.
  3. Best Tyres?

    I use the Toyo Proxes T1 Sport - massive amounts of dry grip and not bad in the wet. For something better wearing try the Avon ZV5 - again great tyres. I believe these are used by the Police on service cars. I had a set on for 20k miles and there is still plenty tread on them.
  4. Insurance And Mods

    I had a guy I used to work with bought a new mini. He didn't know much about cars. It had a front splitter fitted which was hardly noticeable. He didn't declare it because he didn't know it wasn't the norm. His has was hit from behind whilst parked at the side of the road. He had to claim as the other drive didn't stop or leave details. The insurance inspected the car and refused to pay out as it was "modified". Thankfully the other driver was caught thanks to CCTV. Point is that insurance companies are just there to scam. They get away with charging over the top because its a legal requirement. The "modifications" had nothing to do with the crash which just proves they were trying to get out of the claim and all costs. After that I don't take any chances.
  5. Dust Cap

    Are they the twist on type or the ones with a small screw you need to keep them on?
  6. Insurance And Mods

    Count yourself lucky. I put the ST spoiler on and they refused to cover me with it. I am not with a different insurer.
  7. Battle Of The Polishes!!!!!

    Chemical Guys stuff is great:)
  8. Side Lights, Any Good Upgrade Bulbs Around?

    One screw and a twist of the bulb holder, very easy. Think its a T30 if I remember right, undo the screw. Then there are 2 tabs to press with a screwdriver and the headlight housing slides forward. After that there is a plastic housing you twist to remove the bulb. As for the LED's I will stand by the Osram's. They are a single chip and much more reliable. My ones have lasted 2 years so far.
  9. Side Lights, Any Good Upgrade Bulbs Around?

    I have to disagree that LED's are no good. I have some Osram LED's in my side lights since i got that car and not one has ever failed and they are much brighter than the standard bulbs. http://www.powerbulbs.com/product/osram-standard-led-retrofit-w5w-cool-white-bulbs-twin?gclid=CjwKEAiAgranBRDitfSQk_P7vnMSJAAhx5G5Wo67toj5tqCFpS_4zZjEHUyxHODR_MRB1GdRdN6FghoC7iLw_wcB Not cheap but you get what you pay for! Have lasted 2 years so far and look so much better. As for full beams the Phillips Blue Vision bulbs are great and are white rather than blue. I will get some pics tonight if you like?
  10. Ford Focus Mk2 2007 Main Beam Problem

    I'll stand corrected on the relay part here. I remembered changing a relay for my full beams but this must have been on my MK1.
  11. Ford Focus Mk2 2007 Main Beam Problem

    Check the relay, it is near the fuses. You can test it by swapping it with another relay and trying the lights. Do you hear a click from around the glove box when you pull the stalk for full beams?
  12. Sounds like the system needs a bleed. Leave the cap off and add coolant until it stays at a constant level. It should always be between the Max and Min marks. As for where the coolant has gone, you could have a small leak. This would also explain how the air bubbles are getting in to the system.
  13. Ford Focus Mk2 2007 Main Beam Problem

    Fuse would be a good place to start. I know the dipped beams have a fuse per side, not sure about mains though.
  14. Mudflaps

    Those will need to be drilled and screwed on by the looks of it. You might be able to use some of the existing screws that hold the arch liner in and drill a few more holes in the inside of the liner. Just avoid any metal or it will cause rust.
  15. Led Indicator Problem

    I have tried just swapping the rear indicators and even when just changing one bulb I get a much faster flash speed.