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  1. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    No I'm sorry. I will have a look if I get time but after yesterday I was too fuming with it to bother. I just kicked it instead. £1695 down the drain hurts :-(
  2. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    Thanks guys for trying to help me but I'm calling it a day. I managed to get it home after an hour stuck in a small car park with my toddler in the car. First I had injector problems, then a blow out now this. I've decided it's cursed. It's going on Ebay at the weekend. Should anyone on here fancy taking it off my hands give me a private message. I'm in Leigh Lancashire. It's a 5 door 2004 Ford Mondeo 2l tdci 130bhp hatchback.
  3. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    Tell me the trick and I'll give it a bash. I'm currently stuck in nursery car park until the damn thing decides I can have my accelerator. I'm ready to cry :-(
  4. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    Yeah I have the yellow engine light on and if I floor my throttle no response until it kicks in and yellow light goes off. You can sometimes raise the clutch slowly in first or reverse & that seems to do the trick but it doesn't work all the time :-(
  5. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    Sorry I didn't get back to your fella about the alloys Jos. This car is giving me a worse headache since then and I'm sincerely ready to drive it into the nearby canal. Upon starting the engine I have no throttle! The time it kicks in varies from 15 seconds to 15 minutes!! I got yelled down at a busy petrol station yesterday for not moving when my engine was idling! Other than this fault the car runs great. I am totally skint at the moment! Does anyone have any ideas as to what may cause this?
  6. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    Thanks for doing that for us! I will discuss it with my fella and get back to you - many thanks :)
  7. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    Much appreciated thanks :)
  8. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    Preston is within travelling distance for the right price - what are we talking per wheel? Mine are a disgrace. Engine wise car is running sweet now - a fuel pump valve has also been changed and I have had no problems since. Yay!
  9. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    well how am I supposed to know that? I'm not a mechanic. They still have the sticker codes intact I guess. Whether or not they are brand new is irrelevant really anyway - they are working - that's all I need to know, I will not put treatments in then - thanks for the warning.
  10. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    It has cost me a grand total of naff all for the injectors because I pulled the trader up on the car not being fit for purpose so he actually replaced them for free. I found my aux input in the glove box - thanks! :-) It's had a full service today and my own mechanic has confirmed that my new injectors are indeed brand new and working well. So it's just my alloys which I will sort as it's just a cosmetic issue - it looks like someone has been kerbing it regularly on the passenger side. So basically it doesn't matter which station I use to fill it up? How often should I put something like redex in? Thanks again for all your advice :-)
  11. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    I will hunt down the aux input tomorrow. The injectors have been changed today to brand new ford parts and the car is already running so much better. It is going to my own trusted mechanic for a full service and once over tomorrow. It badly needs an oil change and we think it's always had cheap supermarket diesel in it. The car has been super accelerated on the motorway (within the speed limit) and did not cut out once - no flashing error codes and the engine sounding much happier. It is a 2l TDCI 130 but that's all I know - I'm such a typical woman.Also the alloys are a complete mess! What's recommended - refurbs or replacements? Pics of the car and engine tomorrow when I've taken it for a bath haha :-)
  12. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    Thanks for your replies! The trader we bought it from is putting brand new injectors on it for us on Monday - then on Tuesday we are having it serviced by our long term and well trusted mechanic. I will keep you up to date with our progress. Lovely car in all other aspects - really enjoying driving it. Does anyone know also if there is an AUX input? My stereo says AUX but I can't find a jack socket to plug my mp3 player in and CDs are way too much hassle.
  13. Hi, My partner and I have just bought a 2004 Mondeo 2l TDCI hatchback and there is a fault. 2 problems Lesser problem being that when the car is sitting idling every now and again the engine will judder as if it going to cut out. The more serious problem is that when the car is in 5th or 6th gear over 60mph and you give it some throttle the coil light will flash and you lose your revs & throttle altogether. As the car slows you also lose your power steering and have to bring your car to a halt on the hard shoulder to reset your ignition. We have an idea what the fault might be but I'd like a second opinion - can anyone help? Many thanks.
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums fordmondeogirl :)