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  1. Ultimate Driving Songs?

    Up in here- DMX (I feel super gangsta with my pink car, hello kitty sun visor and purple ray bans) Theme from Mortal Kombat (I think it's by the Immortals?)
  2. Best Colour Fiesta?

    Panther black was my first choice but turns out we don't have that colour in South Africa yet. I had also wanted Race Red but I didn't like the effect of the red lights and the red paint and anyway, I'm very girly so magenta was the obvious choice
  3. My husband took both our 2013 Fiestas to an automated car wash. It looks like the brushes have caused microfine swirly scratches on both vehicles. Is there any way to fix this? What a bummer :(
  4. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    I don't use the Bluetooth for music anyway. It's too confusing. USB and I'm set :)
  5. Best Colour Fiesta?

    In South Africa we don't get charged extra for different colours
  6. What are some of your favourite driving songs? Here are some of mine (in no particular order) Rammstein-Du Hast Eagles- Hotel California Smashing Pumpkins- Bullet With Butterfly Wings Rihanna- Shut up and drive AC/DC- Thunderstruck Limp Bizkit- Rollin' Liquido- Narcotic AWOLNation- Sail Away Bullet for my Valentine- Tears Don't Fall Ellie Goulding- Anything Could Happen Aerosmith- Dream On HIM- Venus Doom Britney Spears- Radar Thom Yorke- Hearing Damage Pendulum- Hold Your Colour U2- Beautiful Day That's all I can think of for now, lets know what yours are :)
  7. Fiesta Zetec ecoboost 100

    I seriously considered a red one!
  8. Mittens!

  9. My magenta beauty

    Her name is mittens
  10. My 1L turbo MOVES. I do have a very heavy right foot though
  11. Car Names

    Mine is called Mittens.
  12. Best Colour Fiesta?

    Our twin cars :)