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  1. pugsley82

    What Meguiars Do You Use?

    Used load different ones before on my ST's, what do you guys get best results from?
  2. pugsley82

    Best Colour For A Fiesta??

    white looks nice, with some black bits
  3. pugsley82

    Best Coilovers To Get

    bilstein coilovers, i have on one my focus st's... love them
  4. Focus ST2 - 98K - still going strong Focus ST3 - 17k Fiesta ST - 54k
  5. re programed worked for me when had simular
  6. pugsley82

    New Car

    Zetec S will be tuned and ride be made harder, where as Titanium is more refined of a drive... so if you prefer a nicer ride, and still put the looks in to it, do the titanium... if you prefer the more sporty drive and little less refined, Zetec S :-)
  7. pugsley82

    Top Speed

    just over 160 by my gps thingy.... on a runway of course :-)
  8. pugsley82

    What's Your Hobbies?

    Gym Holidays - too many :-) Shopping - i am a guy really lol
  9. pugsley82

    What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    Retail Manager, definatly not exciting, but not bad money for an easy job
  10. pugsley82

    How Many Mpg Do You Get With Your Focus?

    Focus ST 2 - 26MPG - GGR Tuned Focus ST 3 - 21MPG - Mountune Fiesta ST - 29MPG - Standard
  11. pugsley82

    Mk2 Window Rattle

    I had same prob with passenger window, got garage to look, they took window out and reseated it, been a dream since
  12. pugsley82

    Car Cleaned Professionally 30/03/2013

    looking nice :-)
  13. pugsley82

    Autobrite Hd Snow Foam Lance Deal

    use that Lance with my Karcher, well worth the investment
  14. pugsley82

    Whats The Best Snow Foam??

    Autobrite foam is what i use, amazing stuff :-)