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  1. Heated Screen - Comes On On Its Own!!

    There must be a common linked item such as a relay that controls both the fan and the screen. Ford are more than useless as they will not look at it unless there is a problem at that specific time.. Thats why I am trying to see if anyone has had the same issue.
  2. Heated Screen - Comes On On Its Own!!

    Because you can tell its ON.... If you look through a heated screen when its ON there is a flickering of detail such as a car number plate in the car infront of you or a road sign...Its that obvious... If you have a heated screen try it and you will see what i mean.
  3. Heated Screen - Comes On On Its Own!!

    No its not that... It happens very randomly no matter what the weather. Both the screen and fan come on together and they cannot be turned off. Surely there is no automatic function that should do this that cannot be over-ridden. Like I said the heated screen LED does not come on. If you push the screen button ON the LED does come on and go off when you press it again but the screen is still ON.
  4. My 2012 Fiesta Econetic II 1.6 TDI heated screen comes on on its own several times a week for approx. 10 mins at a time. At the same time the radiator fan comes on full blast too. This can happen from cold, a couple of mins into a drive or after an hour of driving. This happened this morning (outside temp 16 degrees).. No lights come on on the heater controls to indicate the screen is on and it cannot be turned off. Even stopping the engine and restarting does not stop the fan or screen. Has anyone had this problem before? I have reported it to my local dealer but as per normal 'no fault found' and they can only look into it when it happens.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Andee :)